Epic MEGA Sale 2024 first free weekly game is here

By Epic Games

The Vault is open and here be dragons...

The first free game of Epic MEGA Sale 2024 is here! Dragon Age: Inquisition—Game of the Year Edition is a classic Bioware RPG making its debut on our store. It’s an enormous adventure where you build a team of companions to explore huge maps and battle the demonic hordes invading the world. 

Choose your character, class, and race, before being thrown into a battle between good and evil. As the Inquisitor, you’re the only person capable of closing The Breach, a massive incursion of demonic forces from another realm. From the mires and havens, to the temples and coasts, rifts are opening all over, and you need to close them to save the world. 
Epic Mega Sale 2024 First Free Weekly Game Is Here Dragon Age Inquisition
You don’t do it alone. You gather companions to help, like Dorian the mage, or Sera the elf. But your carefully curated friends need to be handled. You could lose friends after making tough decisions, leaving you to go into real-time battles with a weakened team. Or you can play cooperatively, in a team of up-to four people, following a story and missions designed for multiplayer. 

It’s a game packed with incident and exploration, and, of course, dragons. 

The Game of the Year edition comes with all the DLCs to round out the story, and a number of new mounts, armor, and items to make the game your own. Grab it free from 16 May 11 AM EDT (4 PM BST / 5PM CEST) until May 23 11 AM EDT (4 PM BST / 5PM CEST)

Have a blast, and don’t forget to wishlist Dragon Age: Dreadwolf - you’ll be eager for more! 

We have some incredible free games to give away every week for the duration of the sale. Tune in next week, May 23, to find out what the second free game will be.