Epic MEGA Sale Week Four Highlights!

By Epic Games

The Vault is open for the fourth and final week of the Epic MEGA Sale 2023. A glittering gem awaits those brave enough to take it for themselves. Go on, take a look inside … 

That’s right! There’s no need to pull off a heist to get Payday 2—it’s this week’s free game! Grab friends, hunt loot, and hope you survive another day. 

And this week’s free giveaway drops into Rocket League. The Titanium Battle Bus is here to honnnnk its way to victory. 

Here are the final Epic MEGA Sale highlights of 2023. 

Free Game Week Four

Payday 2

Payday 2 Free On Pc
This week’s free game, Payday 2, is a genre-defining multiplayer FPS where up to four players can gather to plan and execute daring heists. There’s a wide range of hijinks to take part in, from bank robbery to election rigging and even smuggling nukes. 

Payday 2’s heists are a complex route of interconnecting objectives through tense, chaotic levels. With up to three other friends (you can play the game solo with bots, but virtual crime is usually better with friends), you case the area, make a plan, and get going. 

Plans only last as long as the first mistake. A quiet run, where you’re all working stealthily to grab stacks of cash from a bank, can go loud (the opposite of stealthy) if a guard spots you and opens fire, alerting anyone in range that some masked maniacs are trying to grab their goods. So now you have to deal with an escalating response, bullets pinging everywhere, police cars surrounding your escape route, AND you need to nurse a drill as it breaks the vault’s locks. 

It can get intense, but that’s the point. You and your crew will bond together in adversity and the occasional triumph, unlocking skills, outfits, and more, alongside the loot you grab. 

Grab it for free between June 8, 2023 and June 15, 11 AM ET. 

Giveaway: Rocket League Titanium Battle Bus

Drop into the Arena with the Battle Bus! With a Titanium White paint job and Merc Hitbox, this powerhouse vehicle will dominate the competition.

Get ready to thank the bus driver in Rocket League! The famous Battle Bus is dropping into the  Arena with a sweet Titanium White paint job. Score high-flying shots to impress your party, or use the tall Merc Hitbox to make epic ground plays. Redeemable from Rocket League Add-Ons page. 

Enjoy the final week of the Epic MEGA Sale!