EVE Online: Uprising – New Expansion is Live!

By CCP Games

EVE Online’s exciting new expansion Uprising is live now! The introduction of brand-new navy dreadnoughts and destroyers brings even more variety to the battlefield as well as intimidating new visuals. In addition, the future of war arrives as Factional Warfare receives a significant update with the launch of the Frontlines.

STEAL THE ADVANTAGE ON THE FRONTLINES Faction WarfareUprising brings a huge update to Factional Warfare in EVE. This includes the introduction of new Frontlines and Advantage systems which both influence rewards system capture. 

  • Frontlines draws pilots closer towards key, emerging conflict hot spots 
  • Systems in a FW warzone can have different operational states: Frontline, Command Operations, and Rearguard.   
  • The new Advantage system allows you to give your chosen faction an edge through system ownership and activities in the warzone. 
  • More restrictions have been added to complexes, as well as changes to site naming for better communication of challenges. 

The more involved and victorious your faction is in the warzone, the greater the effect will be on your side’s victory points! 

DROP THE DREADS AND DESTROY New ShipsOne of the most thrilling aspects of the new Uprising expansion is the chance to get your hands on brand-new ships! 

  • Navy dreadnoughts – Phoenix Navy Issue, Moros Navy Issue, Revelation Navy Issue, Naglfar Fleet Issue. 
  • Navy destroyers – Catalyst Navy Issue, Coercer Navy Issue, Cormorant Navy Issue, Thrasher Fleet Issue.  

These ships bring increased variety, new capabilities, options, and significant visual drama to New Eden’s battlefields. 

YOUR WAR, YOUR SHIPS, YOUR COLORSHeraldryYou can now represent your player corporation and alliance with even more pride thanks to the addition of emblems on ships! This first step of customization is available for over 100 ships already, including the brand-new navy dreadnoughts and destroyers. All players that are in an NPC corporation will have access to their NPC corporation iconography when using their corporation emblems. 

  • New in-game corp Paragon has stations in Highsec and Lowsec. 
  • Earn EverMarks to exchange for emblems by completing Paragon agent missions 
  • When a capsuleer in a player corp earns EverMarks, the corporation earns them too. During the promotion period, the ratio earned will be 1 to 1. Keep this in mind and start hitting those Paragon missions, because in 2023, player corps will be able to spend the EverMarks. 

HOME IS WHERE THE HANGAR IS New HangarsIf you’re proud of your ship collection or just want to see your fantastic new corporation or alliance emblems in all their glory, the massive enhancements to Upwell hangars ramp up the audio and visual immersion while docking and undocking in New Eden. You will be able to see other ships you have docked at your current Upwell structure in the enormous new hangar environment. The special attention put into this upgrade helps ensure that when you undock from your new hangar, you'll still get out into space at a speed that is on par with other structures in the game.