Grab another classic PC game for free this week!

By Epic Games
You’ll get the feels for fields, and find tractors strangely attractive with our second Epic MEGA Sale 2024 free game: Farming Simulator 22

The series is one of gaming’s greatest agri-cultural achievements. Turning the demanding and complex job of running a working farm into a fabulously fun, sometimes relaxing, but always taxing game. Join the many millions of players who hop into the bouncy cockpit of a tractor every day to plow the fields, gather the crops, and hope for a good harvest. 
Farming Simulator 22 really revs the series up. It has a seasonal cycle, bringing long-term planning for planting and harvesting. New crops, such as grapes, will give you a greater variety of challenges down on the farm during those long months. And the new production lines mean you can now turn your produce into products, baking your farmed goods into a delicious cake if you follow these steps

You can grab Farming Simulator 22 for free between May 23, 11 AM EDT (4 PM BST / 5PM CEST) and May 30, 10:59 AM EDT (4 PM BST / 5PM CEST). And if you really get into it, you might want to know that there’s an esports league. Farming as a spectator sport!