Grab some more Deals of the Week on the Epic Games Store

By Craig Pearson

We’re back with more Deals of the Week. As we revealed last week, every Tuesday, at 11 AM ET, we’ll be dropping week-long discounts on selected games on the Epic Games Store. This week’s highlighted games are island adventure game Tchia, and Pinball FX's Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure. Let’s whip up some enthusiasm! 

Deals of the Week Highlights


Tchia is 34% off

A delightful game about discovery and nature, Tchia is an open-world adventure where a little girl protects her island paradise of New Caledonia from a tyrant intent on paving over paradise. As Tchia, you can possess any creature on the island, allowing for her to take over dogs, cats, sharks, and other creatures, along with items like rocks and petrol cans. Each animal and object allows you to creatively bypass problems, turning the open world into a vast sandbox of player-driven fun. 

Grab Some More Deals Of The Week On The Epic Games Store Tchia

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is 33% off

The original, classic pinball table was brought to digital life. Built around famous movie scenes, like the Rope Bridge standoff, it’s a lovingly recreated and enhanced version of the real-world table, with new effects and art, and even Indy himself appearing in miniature form. 
Grab Some More Deals Of The Week On The Epic Games Store Pinball

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