Farm Simulator 22 - Bake a Cake

How Farming Simulator 22 lets you bake a cake

By Craig Pearson

Farming Simulator 22 has finally plowed its way onto the Epic Games Store. The latest game in the best-selling series is crammed with agricultural antics. In addition to fields to plow, it has a seasonal cycle, production chains for harvests, new crops like grapes, olives, and over 400 new vehicles and farming tools.

Your farm is bigger and busier than ever, and we wanted to know just how in-depth Farming Simulator 22 can get. What can you do now the game lets you process your crops into other resources? Developers GIANTS Software told us you can turn a field of wheat into a nice cake. Here’s how!


Cultivate and sow

Wheat grain is grown in-game over the course of ten months. As the farmer, you have to sow this crop during September or October after you cultivated the field with a cultivator.Farming Simulator 22 Cultivator


Weed your field

You also need to fertilize and get rid of growing weeds to avoid a yield penalty. More poop and fewer weeds = more wheat. Farming Simulator 22 Weeds


Track the growth

You’ll know it’s harvestable when the field info tells you that it’s fully grown. You can see the field status on the map, too. Harvest it during July or August, otherwise, the crop will wither, and you have to start over. No cake for you! Farming Simulator 22 Growth


Harvest time

Hop in a combine harvester and harvest the wheat. When operating a harvester, you have to make sure to buy and attach the correct header. A grain header can harvest all sorts of grain crops. Grab that wheat!Farming Simulator 22 Harvesting


Cake or bread?

With the wheat harvested and unloaded into a trailer, you can either deliver it to a selling point and generate income directly, or deliver it to the bakery. They use it to bake either bread or cake, which the farmer chooses. Choose cake. Always choose cake. Farming Simulator 22 Cake Bread


The production chain begins

To do that, you need to start a production chain to produce a delicious strawberry cake. But, you have to deliver more ingredients, first. You can store each ingredient at the bakery until you have everything you need. No pressure.Farming Simulator 22 Bakery


Gather the ingredients

In addition to wheat, you also need to deliver sugar, butter, eggs, strawberries and milk to the bakery. You acquire sugar by harvesting sugar cane and delivering it to the sugar mill. Butter is made at the dairy by delivering milk from your cows, while the eggs are made by your chicken, of course. Strawberries are grown in a greenhouse, you have to provide fresh water for them to grow.Farming Simulator 22 Ingredients


Make that cake!

Got everything? Start the production chain at the bakery! The strawberry cake is stored on pallets in front of the bakery as soon as it’s ready. Sell it for loads of profits.How Farming Simulator 22 Lets You Bake A Cake

So you see, by starting a production chain and selling the produced goods, you earn even more income compared to selling the wheat directly after harvest. Going the extra mile will be rewarded! Cake for everyone! 

Farming Simulator 22 is out now on the Epic Games Store.