How To Eat, Explore, and Evolve Your Way Through Maneater Available May 22!

Well folks, the time has finally come to sink your teeth into our new game. After years of hard work - and too many shark puns to count - Maneater will be available on the Epic Games Store for everyone this Friday, May 22nd. We here at Tripwire can’t wait for you all to dive in and experience this beautiful, violent, and hilarious world we’ve crafted. So we put together this short guide to help you get your bearings as you start out on your journey to become the ultimate deep sea predator. 

All great sharks throughout history have had one thing in common: a balanced diet. Eating wildlife and/or humans will grant you a small health boost AND a few of the game’s four vital nutrients. These nutrients are fats, proteins, minerals and Mutagen X. Collecting enough nutrients will allow you to upgrade your shark as you continue to progress through the game. Beware though - the humans don’t take kindly to being eaten, and will send out hunter parties to take you down. Defeat those hunter parties, and you’ll get some nice rewards. So choose when to fight, and when you need to run and recover. 
Maneater’s open world has 7 unique regions for players to explore with a full day/night cycle. Each has its own diverse ecosystem, landmarks, and threats that you’ll have to navigate. Not to mention, some hilarious color commentary from SNL and Rick and Morty alum Chris Parnell, who plays the narrator of the in-game reality TV show centered around the shark and her nemesis Scaly Pete. However you choose to explore the world of Maneater, one thing is certain: it all makes for great TV. So get out there and be the star of the show! 
Evolving your shark is a crucial pillar of Maneater’s gameplay. In addition to being able to level up its abilities as you gain XP and nutrients, the shark actually grows in size! Over the course of the game, you’ll grow from a vulnerable pup shark all the way to a practically unstoppable elder shark complete with unique evolutions that add armor and elemental damage abilities and modify combat in crazy and interesting ways. 
Compared to other open world RPGs, Maneater’s pup to predator power fantasy fully invests the player in growing alongside their shark so that it’s that much more satisfying when you’re wreaking havoc with all of the diverse tools at your disposal.