The Epic Games Store Shopping Cart

Introducing the Epic Games Store Shopping Cart

By The Epic Games Store Team

Today is a pretty big day around here. You may have noticed a new feature at the top right of the Store launcher and website. (Go ahead, take a look. We’ll wait.) That’s it - the Shopping Cart! We tucked it in right up there next to your wishlist. If you’ve shopped online before, the cart works exactly as you’d expect.
Epic Games Store Shopping Cart Add To CartAs you’re browsing the store, click the shiny new ADD TO CART button to add items for purchase. Continue shopping and adding games until you’re ready to checkout. It’s that easy! Now you can load up on free games, raid a sale or pick up that new release you’ve been eyeing, all in one shopping spree. While we’re talking about buttons, we should also mention the BUY NOW button is still there and will continue launching the single-items checkout experience.
Epic Games Store Shopping Cart CheckoutOnce you’re done filling up your cart, the checkout experience has the same features you’re familiar with, plus a few updates: 

  • Review all items currently in cart with prices in local currencies (see supported currencies)
  • Select preferred payment option (including Epic Wallet in the US and Canada)
    • List of regional payment processors can be found here
  • Enter a Support-a-Creator to give 5% (Epic-funded base rate) or more of your purchase price to a creator of your choice, creator codes now work on all eligible items the cart
  • Lastly, confirm purchase and complete the transaction

Epic Games Store Shopping Cart WishlistYou may have also noticed the MOVE TO WISHLIST function within the cart. If you’re not sure about purchasing an item, just move it over to your wishlist and keep an eye out for discount notifications! Please remember to opt-in to our email communications via account settings to stay updated on items from your wishlist.
Epic Games Store Shopping Cart The Game Awards Flash SaleIf you’d like to take the new cart for a spin, we’ve got plenty of discounts on games and add-ons to check out. Speaking of which, The Game Awards Flash Sale is live with some killer deals on nominees, winners and more! Sale ends December 11, 2021 at 11am EST. 

Not familiar with The Game Awards? Learn more in our interview with the creator and host, Geoff Keighley, then tune in December 9 at 8pm EST for the show!