Mortal Shell: Free content update and now 20% off!

By Playstack Team
Hey folks! Since launching Mortal Shell in August, we’ve been completely blown away by the community’s response. So, as our way of saying thanks to our incredible fans, we’re delighted to reveal our free content update: Mortal Shell: Rotten Autumn!

This free content drop packages together an eclectic mix of special items and additions. And to mark the occasion, Mortal Shell is 20% off for a limited time on the Epic Games Store. This discount won’t last forever so strike while the iron’s hot!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s added in the Rotten Autumn update:

* Ten unique Shell Shades
* A new mini-quest centered on Gorf, the game’s enigmatic amphibian
* A powerful new photo mode
* An alternative boss fight soundtrack, courtesy of death metal legends Rotting Christ

Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support. Without you we would not be where we are at the moment. If you want to talk with us drop us a message on Twitter, Discord, Facebook or Instagram.

Lovingly yours,

- Team Mortal Shell


Full Patch Notes:
  • Throwing shade: Unlock 10 new Shell Shades and take down foes in style.
  • Strike a pose: Get creative and snap your favorite shots from the game with our new photo mode.
  • Metal is Life: An optional Rotting Christ OST for boss fights.
  • Lemazing: Baguette’s heal amount boosted significantly.
  • Mango++: Consuming a mango boosts more HP, fills resolve, and gains glimpses.
  • Tar she goes: Sester Genessa sells two Tar items.
  • Big gol: Anticipation added to Imrod's kick animation and battle walk attack.
  • Blades of glory: Tarsus will no longer get stuck in repeating skating formations.
  • Stabbey Mcstabberson: Tarsus adjusted hitbox window on phase two single thrust to allow player more time to react.
  • Bear mace: Buffed smoldering mace base damage by 10%
  • Dismissed: Added extensive notification options.
  • Unsightly bulge: Added option to hide the Ballistazooka.
  • Final countdown: Adjusted minion spawning on the final bossfight.
  • Distorted: Final boss can no longer be permastunned using the bell/weapon ability method.
  • It never ends: Various bugfixes and optimisations.

* Rotting Christ DLC must be installed as a separate add-on