Become a legendary Champion in Paladins, free to play on the Epic Games Store. Celebrate launch with a FREE Bundle!!

By Amanda “Romanova” Rose
Have you ever wanted to play as a dragon with a jetpack? Or a former lawman that has been cursed for all eternity, and is now fueled by an endless hunger for souls? How a giant walking, talking bomb who thinks that everyone he meets should bow down to him as a faithful subject? Obviously the answer to all three is an enthusiastic “yes”, which is why we’re so excited to announce that the hit fantasy team-based shooter Paladins is now available for FREE on the Epic Games Store! If you’re not familiar with Paladins, here’s the low-down: team up with 4 other players, select a Champion from over 40 options (three of which we’ve already covered above - yes, those are real Champions that you can play in Paladins right now!), and face off in 3 exciting game modes with another team of 5. Wield guns and magic as a Champion of the Realm, customizing your core set of abilities and your Champion loadout to play the way YOU want to play. It’s the most fun you can have without being some sort of grenade launcher-wielding fox-man who can turn his enemies into chickens….wait, no, that’s a Paladins Champion too!
Everyone at Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studios is incredibly excited about bringing Paladins to a new audience on the Epic Games Store. We’re so excited, we’re celebrating on multiple fronts! First off, for a limited time players can snag the Epic Free Bundle of Paladins content from the Epic Games Store. Featuring 4 Free Champions, 4 Free Champion Skins, and a free Chest roll, the Epic Free Bundle has everything you need to start playing Paladins in style! Get it now, before it’s gone! For a limited time, we’re also offering discounts on several of our add-ons. Paladins is always free, but with the Champions Pack (33% off for a limited time) and the Season Pass (25% off for a limited time) you can snag extra limited content - or, with the Deluxe Digital Edition (25% off for a limited time), can you get both add-ons at a reduced price!
One last thing I’ll mention before you go play Paladins: we’re also excited to announce that content creators will be able to use the Epic Support-A-Creator Program to receive a portion of what their supporters spend on in-game content. Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studios are always looking for ways to support our content creators, so we’re thrilled that our creators can now be part of this program. Creators will normally receive 5% of all purchases made using their creator tag - but through April 7th, we’re sweetening the pot even more by giving Creators 15% of all purchases made with their tag! Whether you’re an existing Paladins content creator or just want to dip your toe into Paladins following our launch, we can’t wait to see what amazing content you make!

- Amanda "Romanova" Rose, Community Manager, Evil Mojo Games