Plug In Digital Publisher Week

By Dear Villagers & PID Games
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Plug In Digital, we are doubling down on crazy discounts during a whole week from April 22 to 29. Deep dive into our portfolio of indie/AA gems coming from our two publishing brands. So buckle up and let’s see what we have in store for you:


Starting with The Forgotten City, a narrative driven time loop adventure taking you to ancient Rome to unravel the mystery of who destroyed an underground city. The game was acclaimed by the press and players alike, and winner/nominee of several prestigious awards.
TFC Accolade
TFC ScreenBut maybe you are more into RPGs and your thing is to grow the stats of your characters and face fearsome foes in strategic battles. Then we got you covered with Edge Of Eternity and Astria Ascending! Both games are tributes to classic JRPGs with renown Japanese creators who took part in the development process (Yasunori Mitsuda for Edge Of Eternity / Kazushige Nojima and Hitoshi Sakimoto for Astria Ascending).
AA ScreenEOE ScreenOr join the clumsiest and most inexperienced heroes for a wacky adventure in The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos. But don’t get fooled by its humorous and parodic tone, there is a tight tactical RPG with challenging difficulty lying behind.
NBK ScreenAnd many other games to discover!

Games from PID Games

Enjoy Skabma – Snowfall, a never seen before representation of the Sami culture. Play as Ailu, a young Sami herder who embarks on a quest to become a Noaidi, a Sami healer, and purge the land of the corruption that threatens his land and people. 

If you’re into killing monsters, then rise up to the challenge of Guild of Ascension. Climb the Tower and fight giant bosses to be the first one to unveil the secret of the Goddess!

Finally, join the beautiful journey of Paper Beast. Solve puzzle in this mythical dream like world, filled with majestic Paper Beasts!