Rocket League Drifts Into Season 11

By Rocket League

This Season, Rocket League is gearing up to party. Celebrate the glorious sport of soccar with the iconic Nissan Silvia (S13) drift car, earn colorful Rocket Pass rewards, and play by the seaside in the gorgeous Estadio Vida Arena. Season 11 begins on June 7!
Rl S11 Hero 16 9

Nissan Silvia

This Season’s number one ride is an absolute drift machine: the revolutionary Nissan Silvia! Famous amongst tuners for its insane modability and iconic S13 chassis, the car’s in-game Hybrid Hitbox is adaptable to almost any style of gameplay. Speaking of mods, tiering up your Rocket Pass will unlock the souped-up and kitted-out Nissan Silvia RLE! Both cars will be available through Rocket Pass Premium. Rl S11 Tier Slider 61 70


Rocket Pass

Celebrate by the sea with Season 11’s vibrant Rocket Pass rewards! Want to ignite the night with every goal? Equip the colorful Smokeshow Goal Explosion! Or, if you prefer scoring goals with a bit of insectoid irony, the Crickets Player Anthem has the comedic timing you crave. 

The party rides on with plenty of festival-ready items. Get in the spirit and equip the animated Maracas Topper, a set of Piñata Wheels, or even the Smoke Bomb and Carnival Feathers Antennas! There’s even a Vuvuzela Engine Audio to serenade your opponents with.


Estadio Vida Arena

Every year, a small village holds a spectacular drift festival to celebrate their favorite supersonic sport. And now, you’re invited to take the field! Welcome to Estadio Vida, a brand new open air Arena dedicated to the sights and sounds of soccar. Enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful views while the locals cheer you on to victory.
Rl S11 Arena 4

Tournament Rewards

While Estadio Vida is known for its lovely atmosphere, the competition can heat up quick! Win daily Tournaments and cash in for some seriously cool rewards. Relax with a tasty Unicorn Juice Boost, or take a chomp of the Hot 'Za Topper. Hot hot hot!

Lucky competitors might even snag one of this Season’s Black Market rewards! Hit the road with the animated Autobahn Decal, or unleash the gooey power of a Chemergy Goal Explosion!Rl S11 Tournamentrewards V2 2

Got your driftin’ wheels on? Season 11 begins June 7!