Rocket League Ignites the Pitch with Nike FC Cup

By Rocket League
From the ball to the Arena, Rocket League has always been inspired by football. Now with the Nike FC Cup Limited Time Event, the connection has never been clearer.

Starting November 17, we’ll see a Shop overhaul with multiple Item Packs including the Nike CR7 Pack inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous boot. We’ll also introduce Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup, a worldwide Event where players band together with their fellow compatriots to earn rewards on an international scale!

Then on November 30, the competition heats back up with Nike FC Showdown, an LTM with altered Mutator settings to make it feel even more like IRL football. The Item Shop will also see a second round of Items, including the Nike FC 2022 Pack.
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Nike Item Shop

Football has been the most popular sport in the world for decades, and it’s created some of the most recognizable celebrities of today. Speaking of celebrity, players will be able to pick up Items inspired by Portugal’s own Cristiano Ronaldo! The Nike CR7 Pack comes with a Nike Air Zoom Mercurial - CR7 Decal and Nike Air Zoom Mercurial - CR7 Player Banner, the perfect kit for one of the game’s most undeniable GOATs.

Next up, the Nike Next Generation Pack focuses on some seriously fast equipment. Taking inspiration from some of Nike’s most popular football boots, the Nike Phantom GT - Copper, Nike Tiempo - Copper, and the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial - Copper Decals will have you tearing up turf. The included Nike Swoosh Goal Explosion finishes the pack, making a statement every time you score.

The game’s not over yet: a second wave of Nike FC Items will come to the Item Shop on November 30! If you need even more football icon Items, pick up the Nike Mercurial - R9 Octane Decal, inspired by Ronaldo Nazário’s ‘98 R9 Mercurial Boot. The Nike FC Pack takes things in a whole different direction, with bright colors and a truly modern design. No matter how you play, you’ll find something to fit your style!
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Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup

Football is a sport that brings people together, and in Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup, you’ll be able to earn rewards alongside your favorite country!

First, you’ll sign up at the Fan Clash site. By connecting your account and picking your favorite country, you’ll automatically unlock the “Footy Fanatic” Player Title.

The next step is easy—just play Rocket League! Throughout the Event every goal, save, and assist you make will earn points toward your country's total. 

At the end of the Event, you’ll earn Placement Rewards based on how high your country places on the Global Leaderboard. Higher placements earn higher rewards, so do your best to push your country to the top! 

The winning team will receive the exclusive “Nike FC Cup MVP” Player Title, top four will get the Titanium White Nike FC 2022 Goal Explosion, and all other teams will be awarded a variety of Rare, Very Rare, and Import Drops depending on placement.

To keep the competition fair, point normalization will even things out behind the scenes so that each player's contribution is proportional to their country’s playerbase. After all, it’s not about the size of the team: it’s about the passion in their hearts!
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Nike FC Showdown

Rocket League has always had some serious football influence, but now you can take the game even further with Nike FC Showdown! Played on the new Nike FC variant of Champions Field, this 4v4 Mode features modified speed and bounce settings with a newly designed Nike Ball to make it feel more like a traditional football game.

Nike FC Cup Dates:

Item Shop Release 1: November 17 - December 6
Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup: November 17 - November 30
Item Shop Release 2: November 30 - December 6 
Nike FC Showdown: November 30 - December 14