Rogue Company Enters Open Beta and Introduces new Rogue

By The Rogue Company Community Team
The mission has evolved: starting today, Rogue Company is free to play on the Epic Games Store!

When Rogue Company burst onto the scene two months ago, we were overwhelmed by the response from our players. Not only did you make Rogue Company one of the most-played new shooters of the year, you showed your drive for victory and racked up some impressive stats: 500m+ downs. 35m+ revives. 10m+ headshots with the LR15 Fullbody sniper rifle. We’ve concluded that our players don’t just complete missions, they obliterate them! 
Rogue Company LockdownSpalsh 1920x1080
Our Open Beta launch comes hot on the heels of our Desert Rose update, which saw the release of Lockdown, our latest map, as well as custom matches. Our players overwhelmingly requested the ability to face off against their best friends - or mortal adversaries - for the ultimate Rogue Company bragging rights, and with the introduction of custom matches we gave them the opportunity to go head-to-head with the players of their choice. And now, they can do so in a maximum security prison deep in the jungles of Venezuela in Lockdown, a facility built to contain some of the world's most dangerous threats!
ROCO EGSBlogNews DahliaKeyArt 1920x1080
As Rogue Company becomes free to play, we are also introducing our newest Rogue, Dahlia. A master of small-squad tactics, Dahlia is a well-rounded support character that excels at pairing up with one other player on the team. If she’s on your team, Dahlia’s got your back - and if you’re not, you’d better WATCH your back!

In the coming months, our goal is to give Rogue Company players more of what they love. Not only will we be rolling out more Rogues, more maps, and more game modes, we will also be listening to our most valuable source of feedback during open beta: our players. We look forward to hearing all of the feedback you have on our latest update as we continue working to create the most stylish third-person shooter experience possible. Whether you’re an existing Rogue Company beta player or just joining us, remember: it’s time to Save the Day, Look Good, and Get Paid!