Rumbleverse Season 2 bulks up with an expanded map, a bulging Battle Pass, and Trios and Quads.

By Craig Pearson

Rumbleverse, the play-for-free Brawler Royale from Iron Galaxy Studios, launched its Season 2 update. The 40-player melee game is expanding in lots of directions. A new island called “Low Key Key” has come to Grapital City’s shore. 

Accessed via the previously blocked-off highway on the East of Grapital City, Low Key Key Island is a tropical paradise, complete with a dormant volcano. The new island has plenty of places to explore, with sea caves that hold secrets to the land’s lore, a resort with some incredible views, and a Lava Dome complete with hot springs—all perfect backdrops to relax with an epic Rumble. 

Keep your melee malleable with the new mechanic Pole Swing! Rumblers can now swing from streetlights and poles, and can be used when on the offense or defensively. Deliver swift, crucial blows  from above, or rapidly eject from a brawl not going your way.

New special moves are available to help turn the tide during rounds. The powerful new Rush, found in crates peppered around the city, let you barge through the melee, sending opponents flying. When playing with a team, the new battle cry Roar is great to rally the team. Great for players who prefer a more support role. 

The island expansion of Low Key Key provides more ways to Rumble and with it new limited-time modes, bringing more friends together to brawl. These modes are guaranteed to boost the chaotic potential of every game and enhance the fun. 

And, of course, there is a new Battle Pass. The Battle Pass update comes with cosmetics, emotes, and more. Weekly challenges will be set for you to take on, letting you rank up with every game. Customize your Rumbler as you blast through the ranks. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to head to paradise and start punching things! Season 2 is live now.