Salt and Sacrifice multiplayer faction guide

By Craig Pearson

Salt and Sacrifice is the follow-up to 2016’s side-scroller Salt and Sanctuary. The new 2D souls-like just launched on the Epic Games Store and expands on the previous title in a number of ways. 

As a Marked Inquisitor, the player is a criminal condemned to hunt Mages throughout the crumbling castles and villages of the western frontier. The vast, intricate levels are haunted by grim specters for you to fight, while the ever-looming threat of the Mages threaten to wreck everything they see. The precise, deadly combat makes the multi-stage boss fights particularly perilous. They fight everything that moves, spawn demonic helpers, and teleport around the world, leading you on an exhausting chase. We covered what it was like to battle a Mage in our preview last year. Spoilers: death was a regular occurrence. If only we’d had some help …

Games like Salt and Sacrifice have failure built into their DNA, challenging you to come back and try again. But even better, Salt and Sacrifice has multiplayer, from simple co-op to a complex series of factions that can help or hinder (or both) should you let them into your game. If you’ve ever wanted to leap into another player’s game to unsettle them, or to respond to a plea for help from an embattled stranger, Salt and Sacrifice’s factions will have a role for you. Here’s how Salt and Sacrifice multiplayer works. 

Salt And Sacrifice Mage

How to play with friends

There’s a regular co-op mode. This host unlocks this in the hub of Pardoner’s Vale. This is the safest option, as it allows you to set a password to give to a friend who can join in on the Mage hunt. With a friend in tow, you can progress through as much of the game as you want together, share the loot, and be sure of a safer game. For a less safe game, you can open up your world. 


How to play with strangers

There’s a process in-game: when the host uses a Golden Candle and successfully summons a Dawnlight Cooperator, who is another random player, it also leaves your game open for other people to follow. Any of the PvP factions can join, and a defender PvP player may join to protect the host and hunt the invader. 

Invaders will choose a faction in their own game and will then be allowed to join your open game according to that faction’s principles. You’re not locked down to a particular faction, so it’s up to the invader to select which faction to represent at the time of invasion. 

The Dawnlight Order

This is the most basic faction. They come to you as a random quickplay co-op buddy. Both players must be in the same world and have the same ability items unlocked. You can safely play together. 

Shroud Alliance

These are a PvP faction. If they invade your game, they have one goal: kill you. They’re not the only group dedicated to battling the host, but they are the only ones with an express purpose to kill you. 

Blueheart Runners

Blueheart Runners is a PvP/PvE hybrid faction. When they invade your world, they’re there to collect the ashes of the Haze Burnt, the zombie-like creatures that serve as the game’s fodder. As the Blueheart collects ashes, they’ll summon Haze Wraiths, NPCs that’ll hunt down the host, making for a doubly difficult time.  

Salt And Sacrifice Fight

Chaos Hunger

As the name suggests, the Chaos Hunger faction seeks to sew chaos in any game they enter. They can only join a game that already has a Dawnlight Order, Shroud Alliance, or Blueheart Runner in it. They’re a PvP faction, but it’s up to the individual to determine who they help and who they hinder. They can leave tricks or treats in bone-wrapped gifts for the host, who can either guess at the Chaos Hunger’s motivation, or simply try to expel the invader through violence.


Oathbound Watchers

This PvP faction is there to help any host who has been invaded. Should your game be entered by either Shroud Alliance or the Chaos Hunger faction, the call will go out to the Oathbound Watchers, who will be able to join the host in order to help them fend off the invaders. 

Sheriff Inquisitors

Similarly, if the Blueheart Runners enter a host’s game, they could be followed by the Sheriff Inquisitors to help defend the host. 

Salt and Sacrifice has lots to offer solo players, who can simply play on their own without ever worrying about being invaded, but opening up your game sets up a completely new dynamic for a souls-like game. We can’t want to see how people deal with invaders or how people will use their invasions to foster fear or friendships.