September Feature Update - Improved Patch Sizes and Library List View


Hey everyone,

We’re back with another feature update for September. Last month we talked about improved patch sizes, library list view, and playtime tracking. Let’s take a look at some of the features we shipped and what’s coming up. 

Newly Launched Features

New Library View Options
We shipped new library options! This included: the new list view, search functionality, the ability to sort either alphabetically or last played, and the ability to filter out uninstalled games you own if you’re looking for a cleaner view. We’ll continue improving the library in the future, so let us know what you’d like to see.


Improved Patch Sizes
We’ve rolled out new tooling for partners that allows them to create further optimized patches. If you’re a player with a low bandwidth connection, this benefits you because these optimized patches dramatically reduce the patch download size.

Here’s a breakdown of how this new mode impacted the patch for one of Fortnite’s big season updates.



Playtime Tracking
Now you’ll be able to track your playtime across various games. You can see your playtime from your library by opening the settings menu for your game.



Traditional Chinese Language Support
You can now choose Traditional Chinese from the supported language options on the website or within the launcher. If your operating system is already Traditional Chinese, the launcher should automatically switch to showing the new translations.

We now have support for bundles. Bundles include more than one game title or offers which, once purchased, will add all of those individual games to your library.


Turkey GPay
We’ve added GPay, a new payment method for players in Turkey.

Development In Progress

NEW Storefront

A new store and browsing experience, including curated collections. You'll be able to see what games are trending, filter by genre, and more, so that you can find games you'll love faster and easier than before.


Epic Games Overlay - Checkout
We're creating an in-game overlay. It'll be a while before it's fully realized but our thoughts here are centered around giving you ways to interact with your Epic Games store (e.g. library, social, etc.) while in-game. 

3D Secure for Europe
Support for 3D Secure to comply with new European regulatory requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).  Players may be challenged for additional authentication when making a credit card purchase in Europe.

Thai Language Support
Language support for Thai to the core store experience