Hybrid tactical role playing game and deck building game, Spelldrifter, launches today

By Bradley Fulton, Creative Director

Spelldrifter was first conceived in 2012-2013 as a bucket list project: what kind of game did I want to make at least once in my life?

In my heart I knew I always wanted to make a CCG, I was always a big player of collectible card games, so Spelldrifter is a love letter to CCGs and fantasy in general.

When we first started developing the game it was just a CCG, and we iterated upon the card game idea over and over again, but something felt missing.

That is until we collaborated with Justin Gary (of Stone Blade Entertainment) and his team. and together we found a way to incorporate RPG elements like story, progression, and a party system.

Progressing through the RPG experience would reward players more cards in which to build their deck.

Spelldrifter Screenshot05

The game really hit its stride when we came up with the core resource mechanic: the Tick System, using time as the resource. 

Spelldrifter uses its turn-based battle system, and player turns, as the resource as opposed to magic or mana.

More powerful attacks may take more time, meaning that doing a lot of damage might result in waiting a longer turn to attack again.

Cooldowns aren’t a new concept to RPGs, but marrying them into a CCG results in a brand new gameplay experience.

Spelldrifter Screenshot02

Along with the unique RPG-CCG hybrid gameplay experience, I’m really proud of the game’s setting: Starfall. 

We built a fantasy world and asked the question of “What would happen if a cataclysm occurred that suddenly introduced magic?”

We took the approach of telling the story, and building the world, not through exposition but through actions and gameplay.

Cutscenes and dialogue between and during combat encounters flesh out the world.

We also made sure that the cards themselves told the story too: through illustration and card names you get a better sense of the world.

I would love to revisit Starfall and the universe of Spelldrifter again at some point. 

We hope you all enjoy Spelldrifter as much as we enjoyed developing the game. 

We developed it to be accessible for anyone, but we think true CCG fans will really love our game!

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