Spring Showcase Recap: KINGDOM HEARTS, Axiom Verge 2 and more! Plus, check out the Showcase Sale for great deals on some of our favorite games.

By Epic Games Store Team
Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch the premiere of the Epic Games Store Spring Showcase on Twitch today! The Showcase is our opportunity to bring you, the players, closer to the developers making the games we play every day. We saw some incredible announcements and updates from our publishing partners and we thank them for making this event possible. Without them, we wouldn’t be here! We look forward to bringing you more news and information in the future, but for now let’s take a look at everything from today’s show. Oh, and if you missed it - we’ve got you covered. You can catch the whole showcase on our YouTube channel, along with some extended cuts from some of the games shown today!

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For a quick digest of today’s show, check out our recap below:


You heard it here first! The KINGDOM HEARTS series is coming to PC for the very first time, exclusively on Epic Games Store. Get ready to join Sora and friends as they fight against the darkness in beloved Disney and Pixar Worlds. Spanning across four amazing titles, the battle begins on PC March 30, 2021!

The KINGDOM HEARTS series is also now available for pre-purchase including the award-winning, magical adventure of KINGDOM HEARTS III. With pre-purchase, you’ll get Re Mind DLC, an additional chapter of the story!
  Hiding in a cargo lift in Antarctica is what appears to be an ancient, alternate Earth with mountains, lakes, and the ruins of a civilization. But you get the feeling that something else lurks just past the fringes of reality, ready to pull you in... Learn more when Axiom Verge 2 comes exclusively to the Epic Games Store later this year.

To celebrate the announcement, developer Tom Happ is sharing the Axiom Verge Making-Of Documentary with you for free! Head over to the Axiom Verge 2 page and check out over five hours of behind-the-scenes footage, a documentary, let’s play, speed run and more. Don’t forget to wishlist while you’re there! It is the Future. Digital darkness has consumed the world. But hope remains in the form of Binary Smoke. Lead an uprising against the ruling class, and inspire a revolution that will restore faith in the future. This indie cyberpunk masterpiece is coming to our store exclusively later this year. Wishlist for the latest news and updates about Binary Smoke.
  Reprise the role of Abe and venture through a rich and dangerous world as you try to rescue thousands of your fellow Mudokons from annihilation. Hunted by the nefarious Glukkons and their formidable army, you will have to craft a make-shift arsenal, dodge hazards, sneak, fight and navigate beautiful environments if you're to rescue them all. Discover an engaging narrative along the way and discover long-hidden secrets. The fate of Abe and his people is up to you.
TORN BANNER STUDIOS revealed the release date of Chivalry 2: June 8, 2021 alongside the dates for their upcoming Closed Beta running March 26-29, exclusively on Epic Games Store. Don’t miss out on guaranteed Closed Beta access by pre-purchasing the game and also receive a Royal Zweihänder Greatsword at launch. For even more medieval mayhem, check out the extended cut of today’s developer walkthrough on our YouTube channel!


Become a Planeswalker in Magic: Legends, an Online ARPG set in the Magic: the Gathering Multiverse. Choose your path through diverse planes, collect unique spells, Artifacts, and Equipment to create powerful loadouts, and control the chaos of battle. Join us for the Open Beta on March 23, wishlist today for updates and notifications.
EGS Core ManticoreGames S1
Coming this Spring, Core let’s you play thousands of Unreal Engine-powered games in every genre imaginable, or create, share, and earn from your own. From shooters and action-adventure to RPGs and platformers, Core has something new for every gamer, every day. Wishlist today for more information as Early Access is coming soon!
  Experience epic, free-to-play naval combat when you helm one of over 300 historic vessels in the exciting balance of strategy and real-time combat that World of Warships offers.Experience epic, free-to-play naval combat like never before!


  Celebrate Lunar New Year with this limited time event. Play to earn red envelopes and trade them in for Lunar New Year-themed items and accessories. Event ends March 1, 2021!
  One of the most feared Hunters of all time arrives on the Fortnite Island. Battle Pass owners, complete the Jungle Hunter Quests to unlock the Predator.
  Rogue Company’s first season kicked off on February 3 with a new battle pass and a new rogue, Kestrel. Take a sneak peek at the content coming later this season. Seeker, an olympic archer and latest addition to the rogues. A new map called the Hollows and more! Save the day. Look Good. Get Paid. Play free now!
  Godfall’s free content drop, the Primal Update, is live today! Jump in to check out more challenging content and a brand new loot category called Primal items. Oh, and don’t forget the updates to the Tower of Trials and Ascended Tower of Trials.
  The permafrost has begun to melt, revealing fragments of an ancient past… Phoenix Labs follows up their Reforged content patch by adding a brand new Escalation to Dauntless!
  Warframe is rolling out a ton of new content this Spring! Take to the stars in all new Railjack missions in the Call of the Tempestari. Octavia Prime Access is coming February 23 along with two in-game events, Star Days from February 11-24 and Lunar Renewal from February 16 - March 5.
  CRSD: F.O.A.D. recently launched on Epic Games Store as a game unlike any other. Fight to be the last-man-standing by using an array of realistic weapons and mystical powers. Check back frequently for updates on new champions, new powers, and new ways to play.
  Expand your SnowRunner experience with Season 3: Locate & Deliver. Haul giant logs and bring old railways to life in the remote wilderness of Wisconsin, USA. Enjoy two huge maps, new vehicles and addons, exclusive skins, unique missions, and more!
  Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, and Carnival with Spellbreak! Rosebloom Darling, Lady Luck, Prancing Lion, and Samba bundles are available February 13-17. Coming soon, Chapter 2!
  In this story-driven detective thriller, a young Sherlock Holmes struggles to prove himself as he navigates an exotic, dangerous island in the Mediterranean to investigate the mystery of his mother’s death.
Switch KingsBountyII Hero
Experience a vast fantasy world that expertly blends beloved genre tropes with gritty realism to ensure players remain grounded in this desperate, realm-wide struggle. Brace yourself for combat when King’s Bounty 2 launches on August 24, 2021.

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