Star Atlas - The Dawn of a Space-themed, Triple-A Gaming Metaverse

By ATMTA, Inc.
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A New Frontier in The Gaming Industry: Ownership of In-game structures

Greetings, Explorers!

From day one, gaming has pushed the boundaries of innovation, entertainment, and imagination. This journey, which started with only a few pixels on a screen and has since flowered into complex and beautiful open worlds, now begins a new chapter. 

Powered by state-of-the-art technology structure and Unreal Engine 5 graphics, Star Atlas is the first triple-A space exploration metaverse where players are the owners of game assets like resources, ships and crew members, and even entire planets, allowing them to use them as they see fit, trade goods and services. 

With the launch of our pre-alpha version of the Showroom, players from all over the world will be able to see their ships in cinematic quality powered by the most incredible graphics engine in the industry.

Welcome to the Pre-Alpha version of the Showroom, where the future of the metaverse has already begun. 
2nd PictureIn-game screen capture /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

Exploring The First Steps of a Handcrafted Metaverse

The year is 2622, and as you enter the grounds of the Showroom, you find humanity's efforts to revive a piece of the husk of its dead homeworld. Hundreds of years earlier, our civilization was convinced by alien entities to harvest the remaining resources of Earth and expand to the stars as a unified force, which now represents the majority of humanity under the banner of the MUD faction.

As you explore the grounds of this planetary fragment, you will see statues and representations of different spaceship manufacturers, belonging not only to humanity but to the several elusive alien kinds of the ONI faction and the sentient androids of the Ustur sector. You will learn that, at least for now, law and order reign in the galaxy under the Council of Peace rule, and the Showroom, as its name implies, is a place where everyone can appreciate the different manufacturer's vessels built from across the cosmos, independent of species or faction.

In this pre-alpha version, you will be controlling Asha, ace pilot, captain of the Council of Peace forces, and instructor of the Academy, where she trains the most talented youngsters of all species and factions in the galaxy. In future game versions, you can expect to control new characters from different races.
3rd PictureIn-game screen capture /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

Summon Your Fleet

Once you get acquainted with Asha, you will be able to use advanced Photoli terminals to instantly summon the ships you own to one of the many landing pads in the Showroom. During this Pre-Alpha period, some of the ship textures are still being added, but you will be able to see the ship models that you own in scale and volume just as they will be in the full game release version of Star Atlas.

Showroom also comes with a cinematic photo mode which allows you to capture every detail of your vessels. You will be able to explore every nook and cranny of this handcrafted world, where every pixel has been put there to create an immersive experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination
4th PictureIn-game screen capture: The Ogrika Jod Asteris /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

Get Ready For The Star Atlas Metaverse and a Player-Driven Galactic Exploration Game

Make sure to explore every bit of the Showroom while you and your fleet are preparing for the alpha version launch of the game, when you will be able to reunite with your friends in the studio to fly around, race, hang out together, and enjoy some other surprises that our designers have in store for you.

The Showroom is the foundation upon which we are building an abundantly populated galaxy teaming with factions and unique worlds to discover, all offering their own stories, benefits, and challenges.

As we continue to update the Showroom, our player's in-game frontiers will be constantly expanded so that you can explore more and more mysteries of the galactic frontier. This will continue until we reach our goal of providing a fully player-driven play-to-earn, MMO, functional metaverse, where our community is sovereign and responsible for the fate of thousands of worlds in which players and factions battle on economic, political, and military fronts.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating universe and how we’re leveraging the latest technologies to launch gaming to a new level, please read our White paper and join our discord! Our community is friendly, supportive, and eager to help. They’ll get you up to speed in no time!