Techno-fantasy roguelike Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime blasts into Early Access on the Epic Games Store today

By Prismatika

The last remaining royal sets out on a dangerous quest…

05 Kingdom

Cross blades with unique enemies across 3 realms using 2 playable classes, each with an upgrade tree containing 35 class-specific “talents”.
02 Battle
Make life-or-death decisions as you manage critical resources wisely, or risk being stranded in space. Loot your fallen adversaries to upgrade your arsenal of weapons, shields and equipment with over 50 unique items to suit your playstyle and survive the next fight.
03 Loot
Return to the throne room after each defeat, unlocking new persistent upgrades for an edge on future runs. Meet new faces and seek guidance from old friends, as the court expands throughout your journey.
04 Die

After 6 years of development, we’re excited to share the Early Access version with you as we continue to balance and improve the game for your enjoyment. If you would like to participate in improving the game, or share strategies with other fans, please join the Fabular community on Discord. We hope you enjoy Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime and join us on the journey towards full release.

- Spiritus Games & the Prismatika team