The Evolution of Skullface in Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties

An in-depth look into the creation of Dying Light’s cruelest villain yet.11.9.2022
By Techland
Our team at Techland has been over the moon when it comes to the release of the first story DLC, Bloody Ties. The game takes place in an expansive and exquisite arena known as the infamous Carnage Hall, where the greatest fighters clash over riches and fame. Inside its walls, the champions will also have to face the most unforgiving and ferocious Infected yet.

Aiden finds himself in the midst of all this grandeur and bloodshed. He meets plenty of new faces: allies, enemies, and everything in between. This includes the game’s main antagonist, who is known to the world as the vengeful Skullface.
Skullface 1
There’s a lot to be said about his design and how it came to be. The character had to embody a powerful, undefeated and remorseless champion, a warrior whose very appearance would intimidate and strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. We needed something to get that across in one glance at the character.

That’s where the idea of the skull mask came from. It was very important for us to use specific visual cues that would combine the classic wrestler look with the conventions of the Dying Light world. This is why we settled for a Volatile skull which was a no-brainer. 

The creature is one of the most lethal and dangerous Infected in the game. Not to mention, his split-jaw skeleton makes for an iconic touch. A symbol of domination in the Arena felt necessary to best convey the unforgiving nature of its wearer but also tie everything together thematically. After all, the Volatile skull is a subtle reminder of how far civilization has fallen and what catastrophe originally led to this moment.
Skullface 2
From the get-go, we wanted a mask. In doing so, Skullface remains an unknown deadly force. The additional “crown”, made of rusted sheet metal, signals the character’s power within the walls of Carnage Hall. Similar to a Volatile, he is a king of his domain. Its inclusion places further emphasis on another aspect of the Dying Light world, where old things get reused and repurposed, taking on a new life.

In regards to the rest of his appearance, it needed to maintain a familiar quality. We took plenty of inspiration from the motifs of modern MMA combat sports and mixed that with the traditional representation of gladiators, specifically the weapons and armor. Finally, we had a design on our hands that perfectly captured a ruthless champion of the post-apocalyptic world.
Skullface 3
Skullface will play a pivotal role in the new story, which is sure to have plenty of twists and turns. There’s a lot more to be said about the character. The first story DLC also offers a new batch of Infected enemies, new weapons, and an inspired spin on trials. There won’t be anything else quite like it, and it’s not long until you’ll get to experience it all for yourself.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties is available for purchase on Epic Games Store on November 10, 2022. Pre-order now to get the exclusive Aristocrat Pack.