The Far Cry 6 Petting Guide For Dogs, Horses and More

By Craig Pearson

Far Cry 6 is an enormous game. The revolutionary open-world shooter pits you against a dictator and his followers, in a tropical paradise turned bad. As expected from a Far Cry game, it’s full of chaos and adventure. It feels like anything is possible, and to prove it, I decided to turn the FPS into a petting zoo. 

Below is a small list of the animals I’ve tried to befriend in the first few hours of the game, often in the middle of a mission. I’d hop off my quad like a deranged Steve Irwin and dart toward my new best friend. The only one I hesitated with was a panther who was on fire, and was running into the sea. It seemed like he had more pressing concerns. Some welcomed my approach. Others? Well, let’s just say I was glad I had a flamethrower.


Yes, you can pet the friendly dogs. Your companion canines are up for a good scritch.


You’ll find horses running wild around the islands, being ridden, or tethered and ready for a friendly hello. You can pet the horses, and ride them, too.

 Wild Boar

They’ll burst from the bushes and run straight toward the player, making squealing noises. If this were any other creature—like a niece—this would be petting behavior. But the angry pigs are looking for a fight, not hugs. They can’t be petted, but their meat can be traded for supplies.


They swarm the coastline like holidaymakers trying to grab an angry tan. They are indifferent to you, and refuse to be petted. 


The tropical paradise of Yara has plenty of fish in the sea, but they cannot be petted. You can fish for them, though.


They sound like an old man trying to cough up his morning phlegm, but they will readily walk up to you and be fed a small snack. This counts as petting under maritime law. Yes, you peli-can.


Though often referred to as the ‘puppers of paradise’, sharks will attack you the moment you’re in deep enough water. This is the opposite of being petted.


These large rodents that scurry from the undergrowth when you’re out for your morning revolutionary jog have a secret: if you approach them at walking pace, they’ll take a snack out of your hand. Yes, they can be petted.



If you get cocky with Hutia and think you can do the same with the mongooses, you will discover these cute mammals are agents of chaos. I’ve come across upturned cars, bodies strewn across the highway, explosions cascading all around, and in the middle a pair of mongooses waiting for more prey. They cannot be petted. You’ll be lucky to survive. 


One of your amigos is a crocodile called ‘Guapo’, who will happily be petted. He’ll also join you on raids because he believes in the freedom of the Yara people. Other crocodiles in the wild cannot be petted.


The pretty little insects light up the night sky like miniature firework displays. However, they are too small to be petted.

Antón Castillo

Though he’s called the ‘Lion of Yara’, the dictator is, by nature, an unpettable monster. Find him. Kill him.

This is not a complete list. There are still more animals I’ve yet to find. Cows, fighting roosters, that panther that was on fire. I will never stop trying to find and befriend all the fauna of Yara. Join me in my hunt for friends. Far Cry 6 is available now on the Epic Games Store.

Thanks to Can You Pet The Dog.