The Knight Comes to Dead by Daylight: How To Survive

By Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight: Forged In Fog is now available, featuring two new characters from a bygone age: The Knight and Vittorio Toscano.  

A calculated commander and formidable warrior, The Knight brings a unique element to The Fog: he does not work alone. Bolstered by 3 loyal Guards who share his dark disposition for inflicting pain, Survivors must face off against multiple threats at the same time – at least, for a brief duration. 

Rest assured that you’ll soon come to know these Guards as well as The Knight himself, and that begins with their monikers. There’s The Carnifex – the large one with the grotesque appearance and massive cleaver. There’s The Assassin, who you can identify by his bald head, leather armour, and jagged dagger. And finally, The Jailer, whose jagged helmet, plate armour, and deadly flail are his visible tells.

During those early Trials where facing The Knight is an unfamiliar experience, things can quickly snowball once The Guards come into play. Even experienced players won’t be used to having two Killers chasing them down, and evasive abilities are sure to be tested like never before.
So how does one Survive against such overwhelming odds? 

Vittorio Toscano was a patient man, who believed in the importance of knowledge. He was certainly onto something – even The Knight would agree that understanding one’s enemy is of utmost importance. It is only then you can uncover, and perhaps even exploit, their limitations. 
DBD CH26 AssassinHuntingVittorio


The Knight’s Power centers around the creation of Patrol Paths within a limited distance. Once created, one of The Knight’s three Guards will begin their Patrol. Should they see you at any moment, they will alert The Knight and give chase. This can be dangerous – especially if The Knight also happens to be nearby.

The Knight can also use his Power to command his Guards to damage Generators and break Pallets. If you happen to see a Guard engaging in one such action, the Knight’s Power will be on a cooldown, so you won’t have to worry about a Patrol Path. At least, for a little while.

If you’re being Hunted and come across one of The Knight’s Standards – a flag, basically – you can cleanse it to remove that Patrol Path entirely and gain a quick speed boost in the process. A Standard can also be removed by unhooking a Survivor, so an altruistic mindset will be doubly beneficial. Try to predict areas The Knight might be trying to lock down. If you ever see an injured teammate being chased by one of the Guards, there’s no better time to take a Protection Hit. 

It’s important to remember that the Killer player must make their own Patrol Paths, during which time they will be identifiable by a visual path. It’s likely that Generators will be one of their top priorities, especially if it’s one you and your teammates have been progressing. If you haven’t seen a Guard for a while, perhaps consider a cautious approach when returning to that Generator. 
DBD CH26 Knight Perk HexFaceTheDarkness


Though all Killers can draw from an extensive Perk pool when making builds, it’s likely that you’ll encounter The Knight’s character specific Perks often – especially during the early days as Players get familiar with them.

His first is Nowhere To Hide, a Perk that will quickly become the bane of would-be stealth masters everywhere. If The Knight damages a Generator, he will see the Auras of every Survivor in his immediate vicinity. Be mindful of this the next time you try to hide behind that nearby stump, because if he beelines straight toward you, you can bet he’s got Nowhere To Hide equipped.

His second is Hex: Face The Darkness. If you’re unfamiliar with Hex Perks, they are identifiable by a glowing Hex Totem and must be cleansed. In some cases – Face The Darkness included – Hex Perks can be connected to specific Survivors. When The Knight injures you, you will become affected by the curse, prompting every teammate outside the Killer’s Terror Radius to scream intermittently.

If you are among the screamers and cannot quickly find the Hex Totem, it might not be a bad idea to head toward danger and hover on the outskirts of the Terror Radius. That way, you may avoid being put on The Knight’s radar – after all, a screaming Survivor makes an ideal target. 

His third Perk is Hubris, a threatening Perk that makes a chase even deadlier. This one is simple – whenever you stun the Killer, you will be Exposed for a brief but nail-biting duration. If you are unfamiliar with the Exposed mechanic, it basically means you’ll be susceptible to a one-hit down.

Given the game-changing potential of this Perk, it’s possible that Knight players will attempt to force a stun and capitalize on the Exposed status. Therefore, consider dropping Pallets in advance, or otherwise taking a hit if fully healthy. The speed boost you receive upon being injured may very well allow you to reach a safe space and regroup for a heal.

Hopefully this guide helps you stand a fighting chance against The Knight, as well as any Killer who may be using unique Knight Perks in their build. Best of luck, and see you in The Fog.
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