The Top 10 Cleaning Hacks in Serial Cleaners

By 505 Games

Here are 10 useful tricks to help you clean up on Serial Cleaners, which is available now on Epic Games Store.

1: Knock Knock - If you are precise enough, you can open a door in an enemy's face. This will knock them straight over giving you enough time to make a clean getaway.

2: Don’t Be a Drag - Dragging a body will cause extra mess.Dragging A BodyThis mess is extra mess you will have to clean up as it gets added to your vacuuming bar! But if you wrap up a body in a bag, it will leave no blood trail while being dragged.

It will also draw no attention to civilians when carried around public places.


3: Move without Sound – Pro-crime scene cleaners are never seen or heard.Sneak For EpicWhile inside a crime scene, crouching allows you to move without making a sound. You can also hide behind low obstacles, so an enemy cannot see you.

4: Timing is Key - If you can time it right, you can lock a police officer inside a room, making your job that much easier... but you will need to have the correct key first.

5: Hide and Seek - If you are playing as Psycho, you can knocked-down enemies, pick them up, and then hide their unconscious bodies in various designated spots. This means that your cleaning job has just become a little more straightforward – so knock yourself out! …well, the enemies.

6: Need to VentVip3r Vent For EpicViper is the only character that can fit into small vents. She can't drag a body through a vent, but a big piece of evidence will fit through nicely.


7: Your Attention Please – utilise your surroundings!

An open door will draw a police officer’s attention. Use that as a decoy, to draw them away from your location.

8: Three is the Tragic Number - The police will not use lethal force straight away. But if they spot you three times or you attack them directly, that’s when they will draw their weapons.

9: Escape Plan – It’s possible to outrun your enemiesLati Climb For EpicRemember to use Lati’s speed and agility when you need it to outrun guards or police to make your escape. And when you do need to make a quick getaway, make sure it’s to “higher ground”.

10: Table Manners - If you are spotted by the police, run to the nearest hiding spot.Cleaner SenseThere are many hiding places - a bed or a table. If you are being chased by the police, go to the nearest hiding place - the police officers will attempt to pull you out, but with a quickly timed jump out of hiding into the direction of the officer will knock them over so you can escape.

Remember, “Cleaner Sense” will tell you where the police are, but it will also tell you where your hiding spots are, so make sure you use it!

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