Epic Games Store Feature Roadmap: What's Changing?


Hey all,

The Trello roadmap is not fulfilling the goal we set when it was introduced. The goal with the Trello roadmap is to provide visibility into the development cycle for the store’s more player-centric feature set. While it’s accomplished that to some degree,  we’ve missed the mark accurately displaying the timelines for feature delivery. We regularly delay feature releases due to shifting priorities and the need for further iteration. We’re always focusing on improving, and we believe the Trello can be improved as well.

What’s changing?

We’re removing the time of delivery from the board. We’ll be focusing on what’s actively in development and providing more granular updates on individually listed features. Looking at the revamped board you’ll be able to quickly assess:

  • What’s been recently released

  • What’s up next for the Epic Games store and see status updates

  • What’s in the plan for future development

How regularly will you update Trello?

You can expect updates to Trello every 2 weeks. We’ll let ya know on social whenever we’ve updated the Trello board so you can keep up to date and informed.

In addition to the regular Trello refresh, we’re going to deliver detailed feature updates when we have larger drops (e.g. Cloud Saves, new Product pages, etc...). We’ll include both the details on the new features hitting the store and a quick dev deep dive for additional insight. You can see the first of these with our recently posted August feature update.