Venture into the shadows and uncover the mysteries of the Northdark Reaches in Neverwinter’s newest module!

By Cryptic Studios
Gauntlegrym’s most trusted scout, Braelin Janquay, has gone missing! King Bruenor, bound by his duty to the throne, has turned to his friend Sergeant Knox for assistance. It will now fall to the brave adventurers of Neverwinter to unravel the mysteries surrounding Braelin’s disappearance. Developed in collaboration with RA Salvatore and Geno Salvatore, Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches takes place between Starlight Enclave and Glacier’s Edge, the first two books in RA Salvatore’s The Way of the Drow trilogy.
TotS Epic Watermark
For adventurers seeking to team up in Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches, a reworked Temple of the Spider dungeon will be available with both Master and a Normal difficulty. Players must rescue a Secret Moondancer priestess who has been taken to the Temple of the Spider for judgement. Defeating powerful Lolth Loyalists and completing achievements will be a rewarding endeavor for those up to the challenge. 

In addition to the campaign, storyline, and dungeon, this new module also includes several quality of life changes including a much anticipated inventory update. These improvements include search and filtering options, inventory bag management, multiple item movement, ease of companion roster navigation, and more! Alongside these updates, the Wizard Class has also received numerous bug fixes and balance changes to ensure Wizards remain competitive with other DPS classes. 

Celebrate the launch of Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches by claiming the free Epic Underdark Legend Pack available starting today. This pack includes: 
  • Title: Underdark Legend
  • 10x Scrolls of Life
  • Cloak

The Northdark Reaches of the Underdark await you. Are you prepared to delve deep into the shadows?