By Craig Pearson

If you’ve listened to every Radiohead album, single, live show, or demo; if you’ve seen every video, blip, or webcast; if you’ve spent hours scrolling through the Radiohead Public Library’s artwork, lyrics, dead-air, and Minotaurs, you still aren’t prepared for KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION. I have. I wasn’t.


I’m one of those Radiohead fans. The type who knows the lyrics to their songs before they’re officially released, but even I was surprised by the dark, playful exploration of the exhibition. It’s a collection of rooms, corridors, and spaces inspired by and filled with music and art from the recent KID A MNESIA release. That includes re-releases of Kid A and Amnesia, albums from over two decades ago, joined by Kid Amnesiae, “a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material.”

This is a strange place. You stumble through a sketched out forest towards a red door. Inside, welcoming you, is a corridor of flickering, smearing walls. Up close, those walls are made of RGB pixels. All around you, Everything In Its Right Place seems to endlessly remix itself. Throughout the exhibition, Radiohead’s music will rebuild itself around you.

I have a mental map of every note, every breath on Kid A and Amnesia, but I still got lost in the weird, Ballardian space of the exhibition’s halls. Art sits in frames, but it’s also scratched into walls, or brought to life as towering panoramas. At one point, I was abducted by three songs and left to float amidst crumbling artworks until the final chord. And then…

No, wait. That’s enough from me. There are surprises at every turn that you should experience without a guide. Explore the KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION yourself. Take it slow. You’re here. This is happening.

KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is out now for free on Epic Games Store.