Twitch Prime Loot

What is Twitch Prime Loot?

By Craig Pearson

Twitch Prime Gaming Loot: Ultimate Guide

Twitch is gaming’s biggest live-streaming platform. Driven mostly by games, streamers, and the streamers’ communities. The streamers are gamers who stream what they’re currently playing to a live audience, who can watch what they’re playing. Thanks to Twitch, being a gamer can be a full-time job now! And the community is huge, with over 31 million average daily visitors

Twitch allows the streamers and community to interact via Twitch’s chat system, with the streamers answering questions and taking requests for games to play, requesting things to do in-game, or simply chatting with their community. It’s turned gaming into something of a performance art. Streamers will usually provide a running commentary on the game they’re playing, which means streamers with personality can attract audiences. Several streamers have large audiences, making them famous enough to garner sponsorship deals. 

Where does Amazon fit into this? Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014, and they created Twitch Prime as an additional benefit to their subscription service, Amazon Prime. It was recently renamed “Prime Gaming.”   

What is Twitch Prime Loot?

Subscribers of Prime Gaming can receive benefits, such as free games, exclusive in-game loot, chat privileges, and more. Streamers can benefit from users using their Prime Gaming account to subscribe to their channel, growing their audience. It’s a win-win for both. That’s rare in games. 

Some of the biggest publishers, like Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Bethesda Softworks, have Twitch Prime Gaming loot to give away for their biggest games. This includes free games added every week for players to keep, in-game content that includes skins, XP boosts, character unlocks, currency, weapons, and even resources. No need to grind when Amazon delivers loot straight to you. 

Most of the rewards have a limited time to grab them, so it’s good to visit the Prime Gaming homepage or Twitch regularly to see what’s being offered. 

Types of Twitch Prime Loot Available

As we mentioned, there are all kinds of Twitch Prime Gaming loot available to subscribers. Prime Gaming’s homepage shows a huge variety of games, loot, and more. 

In-Game Content is the busiest category. There are loot packs available for games that include a mixture of upgrades for players to unlock. Grabbing one of these for a specific game could give players XP boosts, currency, skins, and even characters all in one loot pack. Other games have specific unlocks for players to grab. There are mounts for famous MMOs, epic unlocks for collectible card games, skins for some of the biggest online shooters, bundles for some of the silliest battle royale games (which game could that be, we wonder - answer below), currency for famous puzzle titles, and so much more. 

Another major category is free games. Twitch Prime Gaming adds a new free game every week. There are classic RPGs to collect, huge first-person shooters, action adventures, beat ‘em ups. There are licensed titles, retro games, and more. 

You even get benefits directly on Twitch. Each Prime Gaming user gets one free subscription to support a Partnered or Affiliate channel. Subscribing to a Twitch Partner will give you access to that channel’s specific subscription perks, which could include emoticons and badges. You’ll also have exclusive emoticons to use in any chat, a badge that shows you’re a Prime Gaming subscriber, and expanded options for your chat colors. You’ll be covered in bling all over the site. 

Benefits of Twitch Prime Gaming Loot

You might not have realized that your Amazon Prime membership has all these benefits. Twitch Prime Gaming’s loot is a great way to boost your games. 

As you can see, you can add new games to your gaming library every week simply by claiming it on the site and downloading it via the Amazon Games App. Or you use the app to claim the game directly to your library. Just check in once a week to see what new game is freely available as Twitch Prime Gaming loot. 

Or you can enhance some of the biggest games with the Prime loot. Twitch rewards players with unlocks on a regular basis. 

And you get to reward your favorite streamer with a subscription to their channel. Giving something back from the pile of rewards that Prime Gaming piles on you. 

How to Claim Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards

Before you start, you’ll need an Amazon account, an Amazon Prime subscription, and a Twitch account. To ensure you have them all, you should visit the Prime Gaming homepage. The top right has the sign-in options. You can select Try Prime from there if you don’t have an account yet. You can create an Amazon account and enjoy 30 days of Prime for no cost, and then the subscription will start automatically. 

Signing up for Twitch is a similar process. Once again, on the top right of the homepage are the sign-in options. You can either log-in or sign-up, selecting a username and password and following the instructions. 

How to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch Accounts

If you have both Amazon Prime and a Twitch account, you need to link them together to enjoy the full benefits. You should do this from the Prime Gaming homepage. 

Access your settings by clicking on your username top right. You’ll open up a drop-down menu, which includes the option to “Manage Twitch Account.”

Being logged into both allows you to link your Prime Gaming Account to your Twitch. 

Claiming Twitch Prime Loot

If everything has gone well, you’ll now be able to Claim loot from the homepage by clicking on the relevant ‘Claim’ buttons for each game. 

Doing so will open up the loot bundle’s page with an explanation of what you’re claiming. 

Here you’ll link the game to your Prime Gaming account. Click on the “Link Account” button to connect Prime Gaming to the game. Here’s how to link Fall Guys

For games like League of Legends, linking will link to the publisher’s own account system, covering all of their games. 

Potential issues can be found on Prime Gaming’s support page. These can arise from being in an ineligible country or territory, using a VPN, or not being logged into the various accounts. 

Exploring the Best Twitch Prime Loot Offers

Offers have a limited timespan on Prime Gaming, but even if they expire, there’s always something worth grabbing from the biggest games. The games will usually update any offers on their social media, or you can just regularly check in on the Twitch Prime Gaming page for any loot that Amazon is offering. Once a week should give you lots of exciting gaming goodies. Here are a few recent examples.

The League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule included such items as a Mystery Skin Permanent (Guaranteed Epic), a 30-day XP boost, a Champion Permanent, and more to help the MOBA’s players push their lanes. 

FIFA 23 players get regular Prime Gaming Packs to give them the edge in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The soccer game’s multiplayer card game lets players build decks with real-world soccer stars. The packs include things like (7) Gold Rare Players, (12) Rare Consumables, and more. 

Remember we mentioned a silly battle royale game? Epic Games’ own Fall Guys is also connected to Prime Gaming. The multiplayer physics game regularly gives away wearables to show off in the Blunderdome, like a cat-themed Meowstronaut Cap and Boots, along with patterns to apply to your character in the Meowstronaut Bundle. 

How Does Twitch Prime Loot Build the Gaming Community?

Games can have a long lifespan, and keeping the community happy and content can be as simple as regularly updating the game with some nice treats. Both free-to-play games and paid-for titles can benefit from the items, skins, upgrades, characters, and more that Twitch Prime Gaming regularly provides. 

Twitch and Amazon are both enormous platforms. Any game featured on them will be presented to a potential audience of millions. It’s an opportunity for indie developers and publishers to gain incredible exposure, either from loot drops in their games or by giving their games away for free for a limited time.

Prime Gaming’s free subscription is a direct way for gamers who already have a Prime account to directly support and engage with their favorite streamer. It’s such a simple way of showing them support that costs you nothing on top of an Amazon Prime subscription, but every subscriber a streamer gains is encouragement to carry on. 

And with more encouragement, streamers can get creative for their subscribers. Most Twitch streamers with a community will have chat icons and emoticons, and other benefits just for being part of their community. You can have lots of fun spamming chat with your favorite silly icon trying to entertain your streamer of choice.