What you need to know about cartoon-inspired dungeon crawler Mythforce

By Craig Pearson
The ‘80s are back with the release of Beamdog's MythForce. The cartoon-inspired roguelite dungeon-crawler is a cooperative, colorful battle through a procedural world filled with treasure, traps, and terrors. The first episode of its early access release, Bastion of the Beastlord, is out now on the Epic Games Store. We asked developer Beamdog what players should know before starting their adventure. Here’s what they told us.

1) MythForce’s art style is inspired by '80s Saturday morning cartoons

Mythforce 80s Cartoon InspirationOne of the first things that set MythForce apart from other dungeon-crawlers is its visual style. Inspired by cartoons of the 80s, players jumping into MythForce will be teleported back in time through its unique, colorful aesthetic. If you spent Saturday mornings glued to a TV, chewing sugary cereal, and watching skeletons getting beaten up, you’re in for a treat.

2) It’s an early access episodic release

Like the cartoons that inspired the game, MythForce is an episodic adventure. While the game's first episode, Bastion of the Beastlord, has players exploring the Beastlord's forest, upcoming episodes will focus on additional locations with new enemies, weapons, and location-specific mechanics. Stay tuned for Episode 2!

3) There’s a hero for every occasion

Mythforce HeroesPlayers starting their MythForce adventure can choose from four playable characters: Victoria the lion-hearted knight, Maggie the ingenious mage, Hawkins the deadly hunter, and Rico the rogue on a path of redemption. Each character has unique skillsets and abilities.

4) Four player co-op lets you fight as a team

Why take on the forces of Deadalus alone when you can do it with friends? MythForce supports four-player co-op, so your friends can always have your back! Adventure difficulty and the number of enemies encountered will also adjust depending on the number of heroes in your party.

5) Defeat isn’t a disaster

With danger lurking around every corner, this adventure won't be easy. Health potions and healing shrines are your best friend as you attempt to escape the Beastlord’s forest. If your party is defeated, don't despair! After each run, players will earn XP, which will give them an extra edge on their next playthrough.

6) Every playthrough has a unique layout

Each time players load up a new MythForce run, they will be presented with a unique layout of rooms across the dungeon's three floors. Keep an eye out for treasure rooms, and watch for rooms where the witch may be waiting to pounce on a group of novice adventurers.

7) It’s all about loot

Mythforce LootYou can't have a roguelite without loot, and MythForce is definitely not lacking in the loot department. Enemies and chests will drop various weapons, gear, and trinkets that players can equip. When equipping an item, always read the fine print, as some items are absolutely more helpful than others.

8) You can define your own hero

Despite what some players think, the hero menu does not exist solely to admire Rico's handsome looks. In the menu, players will be able to equip unlockable artifacts, boost their character's stats with infusions, and even upgrade their abilities.

9) Perks are game changers

What's better than getting one reward for leveling up? How about two rewards. After gaining a level, players will be able to select one stat-increasing perk and one mechanic perk. Stat perks are used to increase Health, Mana, Physical Defense, etc. Mechanic perks include more specific upgrades, like a faster revive time, reduced shop prices, and an increased gold drop rate.

10) You should smash everything

Because dungeon rooms in MythForce are randomly generated, you never know what you might find. Make sure to smash breakable objects to search for gold and health potions, and be on the lookout for interactable shrines-—you never know what they might give you. MythForce is available now in Early Access—so what are you waiting for? Grab your pals and dive into an ‘80s cartoon roguelite!