Wunderling DX: Proof that Unreal Engine is perfect for sidescrollers

By Bitwave Games

Today marks the release of Wunderling DX, our take on the beloved puzzle-platform genre! It's an "all gas, no breaks" experience with tons of treasure, secret paths, and devilishly tricky jumping to master. We made it a celebration of all things retro and crafted it entirely in Unreal Engine 4 (more on that later). If this sounds interesting, head over to the game page or watch the trailer below to learn more!

Making an auto-runner that's actually fun

Most auto-runners aren't that fun, in our opinion. There are standout titles in the genre, but many fall short and never reach their true potential. With Wunderling DX, we faced the challenge of creating an auto-runner that is fun and speaks to seasoned platforming fans on PC and consoles. The word "auto-runner" might scare some of you off, but trust us when we say that it's anything but casual. If you're into tough-as-nails platforming and secret hunting, this one's for you!

Unreal Engine is perfect for sidescrollers

We decided to make our 2D platformer in Unreal Engine 4. Was it overkill? Not really. The endless potential meant we'd never outgrow the engine or risk unnecessary performance issues. This is a problem many indies run into with Unity, for instance. UE4 is reliable, efficient, and well-maintained. It even gives you access to the source code. So if you need anything custom, you can just make it yourself! With Paper 2D (an official UE4 plugin), we had a prototype up and running on our console dev kits in just a few days. And it all worked flawlessly from day one.


If you're an indie dev looking for your next engine, we'd recommend Unreal in a heartbeat. It has a steep learning curve, but the benefits to you and your players will heavily outweigh the limitations of its competitors. Our number one resource when troubleshooting was the passionate Unreal dev community. The Unreal Developer Network is great for official support, and outside Epic's own channels, we'd also recommend Unreal Slackers and Benui's Unreal Hangout on Discord.


If you decide to play Wunderling DX or have any questions about UE4 development, we'd love to hear from you! You'll most likely catch us on Twitter @bitwavegames but check our website for more ways to reach us. Thanks for reading!