Is there a plan to add new languages?

The game currently offers voiceovers in English and Czech, as well as subtitles in German, Spanish, French, Hungarian and Ukrainian. While budget constraints may limit immediate plans for adding new languages, the game have support for community translations allowing players to easily introduce their own languages to the game.

Does the game support the controller?

Yes. You can play using either a keyboard, keyboard and mouse (with a scroll wheel), or your favourite controller, whether it's the one for Playstation, Xbox, or any other.

Where can I find my saved positions and game settings?

Game settings are located in the file in the c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\KUBI Games\1428 folder. Saved positions are in the Saves subfolder.

What accessibility features does the game have?

The game includes a wide range of accessibility features to ensure an inclusive gaming experience for all players. It was the first game after The Last of Us series, and the first ever on PC, to offer full support for blind players in an adventure of this scale. For more details on accessibility for the blind, please visit our dedicated page at

Does the game support modding?

The game currently supports community translations, voice-overs and custom accessibility sounds. If you have any modding ideas or suggestions, there's an openness to exploring further modding options, which can be discussed on the game's Discord.