Early Access FAQ
Early Access FAQ

Discover what you can expect from the ‘Against the Storm’ Early Access version and what is planned for future updates.
Updated August 18.

What is included in Early Access?

The Early Access version will include 70 buildings, 3 playable species, 4 biomes, 6 traders, 23 types of events, more than 90 perks, and around 70 types of goods. All this amounts to at least 40 hours of playtime (even the demo for Against the Storm, which contained less than half of the content, took our players more than 20 hours to complete).
During Early Access, we plan to expand on these numbers even more, by adding new systems, buildings, biomes, playable species, perks, traders, upgrades, objectives, etc. We also plan to tweak the game’s balance regularly and provide new challenges.

What is the current state of the game?

Right now the game is a fully playable and enjoyable experience that can last for more than 40 hours of game time. Additionally, we built ‘Against the Storm’ from the ground up with early access in mind. Our goal was to make it so any balance and gameplay changes can be implemented quickly, and new features added without detriment to the players.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

We anticipate being in Early Access for at least one year. This is subject to change if we agree that the game could significantly benefit from getting more updates.

How often will you be updating the game?

You can expect at least one update a month, but we also aim for a few smaller updates in-between.
We developed internal systems and solutions that allow us to rapidly prototype new features and release updates or fixes often. In the first two weeks after releasing the demo, we updated it four times. The changes included a new mode, community suggestions, fixes, and balance changes.
We always wanted ‘Against the Storm’ to be developed alongside the community. We are prepared to regularly provide you with new features or challenges that extend replayability.

Will my progress be saved during updates?

There are three layers of saves: Settlement, World Map, and Meta.
The Settlement save is likely to be incompatible with new updates. Each Settlement takes around 2 hours to build so the loss won’t be that irritating and we will reward you with the resources you would get for winning.
It is possible that the World Map will be reshuffled to reflect the new changes, but the progress of your objectives won’t be lost.
The Meta save will always stay up to date, so all the meta-progression upgrades and resources you acquired will be still available after updating the game.

Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?

We are currently not planning to increase the price when the game leaves Early Access. This could change if we add more content to the game than we originally planned.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Sure! There are convenient in-game systems for submitting feedback and voting on new features. We also invite you to join our Discord where you can share your feedback and suggestions with us and other players. Alternatively, you can also report bugs via [email protected].

What’s the difference between the demo and the Early Access version?

The Royal Woodlands Demo contained only a fraction of the game’s overall content. The Early Access version has twice as many buildings, 2 more biomes, 5 more traders, 4 new gameplay modifiers, 2 new factions, 10 new types of threats, dozens of new perks, a revamped meta progression with a lot more upgrades to buy, a whole new building type (decorations), new systems (world phases, world objectives), and a completely rebalanced gameplay loop.

Where can I keep up with updates?

We will share a detailed roadmap around the early access release. You can follow the development on our official website, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. There is also a news section in the in-game menu.