Arcadegeddon FAQ
Arcadegeddon FAQ

Last Updated: July 8, 2021

What is Arcadegeddon?

Gilly, the owner of a local arcade, is trying to save his business from a faceless mega corporation. To do so he creates a super game, unfortunately the mega corporation hacks the game and injects a virus. You need to save the game and the last hometown arcade.
This ever-evolving multiplayer shooter allows you and up to three friends to explore multiple biomes, mini games, find hidden chests, and defeat numerous enemy types and bosses. Arcadegeddon is a cooperative multiplayer experience that provides a mix of PVE and PVP experiences that allows for all different speeds of play.

What does Early Access mean for Arcadegeddon?

Arcadegeddon is now in Early Access. By purchasing the game now you are helping us discover new ways the community plays, gameplay balance, and more to help evolve the game. You, the gamer, are joining us in the creative process.

How long will Arcadegeddon be in Early Access?

We are planning on being in Early Access for 7 (seven) months.

How often will Arcadegeddon be updated?

We will patch as needed throughout Early Access and are planning three seasonal content drops. Our Roadmap can be found at and on the game launcher.

Will progress be saved during updates?

We may have to wipe progress throughout Early Access.

How can I help provide feedback?

Feedback is always appreciated. The community can visit our forums at:

On average how long are the matches?

Thirty minutes is an average run time when trying to complete a gang challenge. Due to the nature of Arcadegeddon a player can spend as much or little time in a match as they would like.

What platforms can Arcadegeddon be played on?

At Early Access Arcadegeddon will be on Epic Game Store and Playstation®5. We will explore other platforms at full launch.

What engine will this game run?

Unreal Engine 4

Will Arcadegeddon's price change at Launch?

Yes, the price will increase when the full game is launched.

What is Arcadegeddon's Target Audience?

Ages 13-35 Battle Royale and Action/Adventure Players.

What are the player requirements for Arcadegeddon?

Internet connection is required.