What is Arena Survivors?

Arena Survivors is a rogue-like RPG game that challenges you to survive and conquer various arenas filled with enemies, secrets, and events. You can choose from 6 different heroes, each with their own abilities and weapons, and enhance them with powerful enhancements that can change the course of the battle. You will face off against hordes of enemies, from skeletons and mythological creatures to farm chickens and daemons from hell, and encounter complex bosses that will test your skills and tactics. Arena Survivors is an epic adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

How do I play Arena Survivors?

To play Arena Survivors, you need to get the game from the Epic store and install it on your device. Once you start the game, you can select your hero and begin your run. You will enter the first arena, where you will have to defeat enemies and collect coins, health, and enhancements. You can also discover secrets and events that can aid or harm you. After you finish the arena, you will proceed to the next one, where the challenge and rewards will increase. You can keep playing until you die or complete all the arenas. You can also pause and resume your run at any time.

What are the heroes in Arena Survivors?

There are 6 heroes in Arena Survivors, each with their own abilities and weapons. They are:
• Wild Bill: A gunslinger who wields a pair of 36-caliber Colts. He can increase his critical damage by up to 75% with his enhancements.
• Nitros: A berserker who swings a Big Axe with AOE damage. He can add up to 15% to all his damage sources with his enhancements.
• Eryn Ithil: An archer who shoots a Lothlorien bow. She can add up to 3 projectiles to all her attacks with her enhancements.
• Joan of Arc: A warrior who slashes with a sharp Sabre. She can add up to 10% cooldown reduction to all her sources and inflict bleed effect with her enhancements.
• Bata: A swordsman who strikes with a Great sword sharpened with the bones of those who oppose it. He can increase his attack speed and range with his enhancements.
• The last hero is for you to discover.

How do I win Arena Survivors?

To win Arena Survivors, you need to complete all arenas and defeat all the bosses. You will also need to survive the enemies, secrets, and events that you encounter along the way. You will need to use your skills, tactics, and enhancements to overcome the challenges and emerge as a true champion. Good luck!