1. What is Early Access?

a. Early Access is a chance to participate in the active development of the game by playing an early (Alpha) version and providing the team with invaluable feedback and bug reports. Buying in to Early Access is buying in to a game that is not finished. Please beware that stability issues might be present.

2. Why is Atomicrops being released in Early Access?

a. Atomicrops is designed to bring forth all sorts of fun, chaos and variety. There are currently over 50 items and upgrades for you to discover, with many of them synergizing together in wacky ways. It’s a game that will take time to perfect, and opening up to feedback (and suggestions) is crucial in order for us to get the game to where we want it.

3. What features and content can we expect to see during Early Access?

a. We’ll be announcing specifics as we go along, but to give you an idea of some things we have in the works:
  • i. New player characters, spouses, tractors, permanent unlocks, achievements, special events, more enemy variety, difficulties (year system), localization, custom key bindings & more cats.

4. How often will you be updating the game in Early Access?

a. Our goal is to update the game regularly during Early Access. We’ll be sharing a roadmap which will evolve during development. Player feedback will be instrumental in shaping Atomicrops.

5. Where can I find information about updates that you’re planning during Early Access?

a. We will be posting information about the updates here on the Epic Games store page. You can also find our detailed Roadmap at https://rawfury.com/roadmap-atomicrops/

6. How long will Early Access last?

a. We’re planting the seeds now; who knows how long it will take for them to blossom into something beautiful? Expect Early Access to go on for quite a while at least.

7. Will I have to buy the full version after Early Access concludes?

a. No, buying Atomicrops during Early Access unlocks the entire game and all free content updates through Early Access and full release.

8. Will my unlocked content carry over to the full version after Early Access?

a. As with any game in development, issues may arise that require us to reset save data and progression. Our goal is to avoid resetting progress as much as we can, but we cannot make any promises about this currently.

9. What are the chances that I will break the game or lose progress during Early Access?

a. We’ll never tell you the odds.

10. Where can I report bugs or make suggestions to the developers?

a. Hit ESC in-game and press the button in the bottom left corner! You can also find us on the Atomicrops Discord channel at http://discord.gg/rawfury

11. Where can I talk to you or other people about all things Atomicrops?

a. http://discord.gg/rawfury is a great place to start! You can also check out the official wiki at https://atomicrops.gamepedia.com/Atomicrops_Wiki

12. Does the game have controller support? Keyboard + mouse?

a. Sure does!

13. Can I stream the game during Early Access?

a. Yes, please do!

Atomicrops FAQ

1. Does the game feature random elements?

a. Each area, the items you’ll discover and the enemies you meet are all randomized, making each playthrough unique.

2. Do you lose everything you’ve collected when you die?

a. Any items, animals, spouses and money you’ve acquired during a run will be lost upon death. There are permanent upgrades you’ll be able to unlock that persist through runs though. Currently those are limited to Cats, which don’t really do much besides look adorable :)

3. How long is the game?

a. As with any roguelite, Atomicrops is designed to be extensively replayable. With a lot of the fun coming from the random elements, tough difficulty and experimenting with all the variety. With that said, a single playthrough of all 5 seasons will take you roughly 60-70 minutes.

4. Does the game have a co-op mode or multiplayer?

a. Atomicrops is designed as a singleplayer experience. There are currently no plans for co-op or a multiplayer mode, but if you really really really want this, make a suggestion using the in-game suggestion tool in your ESC menu!

5. Are there leaderboards?

a. Leaderboards are a planned feature for Atomicrops and will be coming out during Early Access. For now, you’ll be able to track your personal scores – and feel free to share those with other players!