Legends & Pariahs DLC

Four monster races and four new classes added for fans of Barony, providing dozens of new combinations of playstyles to play and master. Play monsters with unique abilities, or use them like a character skin! Co-op fully compatible with non DLC-owners.

Legends & Pariahs DLC

The Legends & Pariahs DLC brings more of the content introduced by the Myths & Outcasts.
Four more new classes and monster races, each with unique gameplay to exponentially-increasing dungeon-delving variety.
Just like in the Myths & Outcasts, each monster race has a signature class that human characters can also select when you own the DLC. Except for one, these monsters will be hostile with humans as they attempt to destroy the liches in the dungeon. Monsters can either be played as their signature class, or they can be played as any of the current classes in Barony!

The Automaton

The Automaton's doesn't need food, instead requiring fuel for their furnace to keep their boiler powered. They're also friendly with humans and some other races!

The Mechanist

The Mechanist showcases the overhauled Tinkering skill. By using the Tinkering Kit, survive by building sentries and traps to dispatch foes.

The Goblin

Goblins can't memorize spells, and are unfocused in martial training. But they are resourceful with equipment, making them highly adaptable.

The Shaman

The Shaman learns unique spells as they level up, which allows them to shapechange into monster forms with versatile abilities and advantages.

The Incubus

The Incubus hates blessings and loves curses! He'll also start with some demonic powers.

The Punisher

With spells the abuse and confuse victims, the Punisher also frustrates foes with the whip, just out of reach.
#The Insectoid
Insectoids will eat anything, and they love sugar. They use Energy from food to power their spells instead of Mana. Their wings also give them extra mobility!

The Hunter

Starting with a magic boomerang, and quivers full of special ammunition, hunters are adept at tracking and killing enemies from a distance.

Legends & Pariahs DLC System Requirements



OSWindows 7
OSWindows 8.1
ProcessorIntel i3 3.0 ghz
ProcessorIntel i5 3.5 ghz
GraphicsIntel Integrated Graphics
OtherTwo-button mouse
Login Accounts Required
Epic Games
Languages Supported
  • English
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