Blood Bowl 3 - Imperial Nobility Edition

The Emperor obviously expects his players to look very distinguished. Stand out from the rabble with the Imperial Nobility Edition. It includes customization Items for a Blitzer, Ogre and Thrower.

The Emperor obviously expects his players to look very distinguished.

Stand out from the rabble with this kit designed for Imperial Nobility teams. It includes Rare and Legendary customization items for a Blitzer, Ogre and Thrower.

The Blood Bowl 3 Imperial Nobility Edition includes:

  • The game
  • The Brutal Ball pack
  • The Imperial Nobility Customizations pack

Strap on your boots, don your helmet, adjust your shoulder guards and chest plate… and slip a sharpened dagger into your belt (discreetly).

Wars are no longer fought in the Old World since the populace decided to resolve their differences through a sport dedicated to the god Nuffle: Blood Bowl. However, just as much blood is shed in this sport as on the battlefields it replaced. Murder, mutilation, cheating, corruption, sorcery and even divine intervention are all fair game on the pitch, to the delight of every rabid fan!
• Be merciless but not brainless – Take control of a team from 12 factions available, each with its own unique characteristics, and hobble the progress of your opponents by positioning your players wisely. Dodge or ruthlessly eliminate those who get in your way and reach the end zone to score decisive touchdowns! The cleverest strategists will obviously have the advantage, but will that be enough? An out-of-control troll could devour a team-mate and change the course of the match.
• You're the boss – Create players; customize their appearance, emblems and armour; recruit cheerleaders and your coach; then compete in the fiercest competitions in the Old World. But be warned: injuries are common and there's a strong possibility that some of your players will leave the pitch feet first, putting a permanent end to their career…

New in Blood Bowl 3

• Based on the official rules of the latest edition of the board game, including new skills and redesigned passing mechanics
• 12 factions to choose from, including the Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance and the Chaos Renegades for the first time in a Blood Bowl video game
• Pitches with special game rules to add variety to your matches
• New customization options for your coaches, cheerleaders, teams and every piece of your players' armour
• A single-player campaign available to all factions
• An improved competitive mode with new league management features and an official ladder
• A flexible timer to help organize training sessions between experienced players and beginners without constraints

An all-new single-player campaign

An agent has spotted your coaching achievements on the pitch and has decided to pay for you and your team to participate in a brand-new Blood Bowl event: the Clash of Sponsors. Can you destroy your opponents and make the crowd dream?
• Compete against the most successful sponsor teams in the Old World
• Pit yourself against star players who have become brand ambassadors, including the legendary Griff Oberwald
• Play with your choice of faction and use this team in all other game modes

Competitive modes with limitless possibilities

As well as the campaign and friendly matches against other players or the AI, Blood Bowl 3 has an all-new competitive mode in which you can compete against other players of all levels and from all over the world:
• Competitive seasons with an official ladder
• A league system available to players, with new management options and the ability to create your own custom tournaments with your preferred settings (stadiums, pitches, timer, factions…)
• Regular challenges via temporary game modes

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by Mindful Phill
85 / 100
The game is rather complex, with plenty of ins and outs to uncover and learn. It is undoubtedly challenging for newbies and can be overwhelming at first. However, you will eventually figure it out if you give the game a chance and don't get discouraged immediately. Once you get the gist of it, matches are engaging and gratifying, and you will be compelled to play over and over again.Blood Bowl 3 is not yet another turn-based RPG or rogue-like deck-building game. It is a rare mix of turn-based fantasy strategy and sports that requires relentless dedication. However, its significant emphasis on turn-based strategy, its fantasy theme, its Warhammer setting, and its extensive use of gore and violence may intrigue gamers who may not enjoy sports games at first but love tabletop-inspired games. Whatever the case, Blood Bowl 3 is worth trying; you may discover a rich, thrilling game that stands out with its bloodlust.
by Andrei Dumitrescu
8.5 / 10
Blood Bowl 3 is a great video game adaptation of a popular board game, using an updated set of rules and great presentation. The 12 featured teams offer variety and plenty of surprises on the field. The mix of careful planning and chaotic execution means each match is filled with surprises and reversals.
God is a Geek
by Mick Fraser
6.5 / 10
Blood Bowl 3 is as niche and complex as turn-based tactics games get, it just does it all with Orks and Elves and dwarves with silly beards.
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Blood Bowl 3 - Imperial Nobility Edition System Requirements



OSWindows 10
OSWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i5-2300 | AMD FX-4350
ProcessorIntel Core i5-6600 | AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Memory4 GB
Memory4 GB
Direct x11
Direct x11
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 650, 1 GB | AMD Radeon HD 7770, 1 GB
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 4 GB | AMD Radeon RX 570, 4 GB
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  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish - Spain, Spanish - Latin America, Japanese, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian
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