BoltBreak 2

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The Flash meets The Boys meets Invincible. Become the ultimate superhero in this new open-world speedster game.
Give the free demo a tryPlay through a sandbox experience as you cause chaos in the city.

Become the hero you were always meant to be!

inspired by stories like Invincible and Injustice, become Earth-Alpha's greatest superhero as you liberate the denizens from the Erebus Syndicate.
Boltbreak 2 incorporates many abilities from various comics and movies that fans love, such as laser vision, superspeed, wall running, water running and much more.
Boltbreak 2 is being developed by fans of comics, movies, and shows so everyone can have a fun superhero game to play.


  • Explore a large hand-crafted open-world with over 8 large POIs to explore and unique quests per area.
  • Experience the first proper speedster game with all the iconic powers you would expect such as wall running, lightning blasts, and more.
  • Powers and lots of them. Taking inspiration from popular superheroes and supervillains, unlock over 12 passive and active abilities each with their own unlockable subtypes.
  • A cinematic story. Boltbreak 2 will have you fight against a team of superpowered conquerors trying to take over Earth-Alpha with multiple boss fights each unique in their powersets.
  • Discover your full potential as a hero, as you unlock and upgrade your powers and abilities throughout the storyline and help the people of Earth-Alpha.

BoltBreak 2 System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 11
CPUIntel Core i5/Ryzen 5
CPUIntel Core i7/Ryzen 7
DirectXDirectX 12
DirectXDirectX 12
SoundCardIntegrated Sound Card
SoundCardIntegrated Sound Card
Additional NotesMinimum is targeting 60FPS low-medium settings. Recommended is targeting 60FPS ultra settings with full raytracing.
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID or KomodoBit Games Account
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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