Experience a blazing fast web with unparalleled privacy for all your gaming needs. Brave strips away creepy ads & trackers that bog down performance. The result? A 3x faster browser, saving you hours of precious battery life. Join the 29M+ already using Brave!


Join Our Mission to Fix the Internet

As you browse the Internet, creepy trackers monitor your web activity. Your data is mined and sold to the highest bidder.
This real-time surveillance bogs down your performance and ruins the browsing experience with slow load times. The craziest part? You're actually paying to be tracked, through higher data and battery costs.
Take back control with Brave, a free privacy-focused browser.

Real Privacy = Real Performance Benefits

By blocking creepy ads & trackers by default, Brave gives you:
  • Blazing fast speeds, 3x Chrome
  • Unparalleled privacy
  • 35%+ mobile battery savings

Brave System Requirements



OSWindows 7+
OSWindows 10
Processor2 Ghz
Processor2 Ghz
Memory2 GB
Memory8 GB
Languages Supported
  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: Arabic, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish - Spain, Spanish - Latin America, Thai, English, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Romanian