Citizen Sleeper
Citizen Sleeper

Roleplaying in the ruins of interplanetary capitalism. Live the life of an escaped worker, washed-up on a lawless station at the edge of an interstellar society. Inspired by the flexibility and freedom of TTRPGs, choose your friends, escape your past and change your future.
ALSO FROM THIS DEVELOPER - IN OTHER WATERSPlay as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean.
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This free post-launch episodic content introduces additional characters and locations in an new storyline. True to Citizen Sleeper’s TTRPG roots, these three episodes will offer an expanded campaign module that tells the longest and most complex story to be featured in the game to date.
In the first episode, FLUX, the first ships from a refugee flotilla arrive at Erlin’s Eye in response to pressures in the Helion system. Now, in REFUGE, a strange event sends ripples through the communities of the Eye. You will enter the flotilla to try to understand this new threat, and help the refugees stabilize their community.
The story of the flotilla, the FLUX event and your Sleeper will conclude in the third episode, arriving early 2023.
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From the developer of In Other Waters, and featuring the stunning character art of Guillaume Singelin, Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station home to thousands of people trying to survive on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society.
You are a sleeper, a digitised human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation that wants you back. Thrust amongst unfamiliar and colourful inhabitants of the Eye, you need to build friendships, earn your keep and navigate the factions of this strange metropolis if you hope to survive the next cycle.
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An abandoned station on the edge of a system in crisis. Run down, chaotic, unruly, and alive—it was founded by idealists in the shadow of a corporate collapse. Now it is held together by anarchic alliances, ramshackle factions and a shared desire to be free from the gravity of corporate control.
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Every cycle you get up and choose what to do with your time. Toil in the yards, or take a bar shift. Search the markets for rare components or grab some street food. Make or break alliances, uncover truths and escape those that hunt you. Learn to survive and ultimately thrive, one cycle at a time.
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The station plays host to characters from all walks of life, trying to eke out an existence among the stars. Salvagers, engineers, hackers, bartenders, street-food vendors, each has a history which brought them here. You choose which of them you wish to help, and together you will shape your future.
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Hack into the station’s cloud to access decades of digital data, uncover new areas and unlock secrets. This is your unique power, and with it you can change your future. Corporate secrets, rogue AIs and troves of lost data await those willing to dive into the depths of the station’s networks.
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Essen-Arp: to them you are just property, one more asset in a portfolio that stretches across the stars. You are the product of an abusive system, in a universe where humanity’s expansion is marked by exploitation and extraction. Escape the makers of your decaying body, and chart your own path in a richly imagined, deeply relevant sci-fi world which explores ideas of precarity, personhood and freedom.
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Each cycle you roll your dice. Assign them to vast range of actions available on the station. With every action, choose what, and who, matters to you, shaping the lives of those around you, and ultimately the future of the station.
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Clocks track both your actions and the actions of others across the station. From becoming a local at the Overlook Bar to protecting a friend from Yatagan enforcers, clocks allow you to track your own progress and the influence you have on the world around you.
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Follow drives not quests, allowing you to pick and choose the stories and activities that matter to you. As you do, you will shape your character's five skills (Engineer, Interface, Endure, Intuit and Engage), unlocking perks and bonuses that reflect and change how you choose to live in this world.
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Jump Over the Age is a one-person game development studio founded by Gareth Damian Martin (they/them). Along with Guillaume Singelin (character art) and Amos Roddy (music and sound) they created Citizen Sleeper.
Their first game, In Other Waters won the Jury Prix at IndieCade Europe, and was widely praised by critics for its “hypnotic art, otherworldly audio and captivating writing” (Eurogamer). Before making games Gareth was a graphic designer, games critic and academic. They hold a PhD in experimental literature.
“An accomplished world-builder” - Edge Magazine
“An immense talent” - Chris Plante, Editor-in-Chief, Polygon


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Game Informer
by Wesley LeBlanc
9 / 10
“In the end, though, Citizen Sleeper is less a critique of capitalism itself, which in its defense has been done countless times in the cyberpunk genre, and more an opportunity to showcase how those under its thumb persevere and succeed despite it. Its hopeful and inspiring message is backed by a branching, heartfelt narrative, and a great gameplay loop, making it tough to put down. Add in its enriching visual style and my favorite musical score of 2022 so far, and Citizen Sleeper is a game I'll be thinking about for years to come.”
by Chris Tapsell
“There is real anguish and intimacy here, real experience, real softness, pensiveness, complexity of thought, from the deeply clever, immaculately balanced systems to its extraordinarily well-realised art, static drawings of those characters that each feel like a glossy, coffee table magazine cover of their own, such is the incredible texture, colour, posture, pain behind the eyes. Citizen Sleeper is speaking to you, but in this case I really recommend you simply listen - not least because there's depth to be found in your own silence, and because the things it does have to say are absolutely worth hearing.”
PC Gamer
by Jody Macgregor
80 / 100
“An evocative life-sim RPG you won't want to wake up from.”
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OS versionWindows 7+
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CPU2.0 GHz
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GPUDirectX 11 compatible GPU
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Storage2 GB available space
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