Classic Car Simulator Car Driving

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An immersive car game awaits you with a classic car driving simulator.

Classic Car Simulator Car Driving

Car games produced in today's technology have many features. Its colorful graphics, the multitude of tasks, and openness to unique designs attract the players' attention. Classic Car Drive Simulator game with such characteristics is waiting for you.
Classic car simulator game is a game preferred by many players. Having more than one speed task in the game makes the game enjoyable. There are various speed missions in this simulator game. In addition, car modification options are also available. In other words, it is possible to organize your car or cars according to yourself.
With Classic car America, it is possible to race cars on streets similar to America and enjoy the car simulator. Likewise, it is possible to create an American-style classic car. Whatever task you want to do in the game, you can do it with your vehicle.
People who love old cars can also choose the old classic car. You can drive three different classic cars in total. Each classic car has its speed, brake, and drift ability. Before starting the game, choosing the vehicle that suits you is helpful. There are various speed missions in the game. These tasks include completing the speed task without crashing into other cars in the traffic.
It is possible to play this game in a 3d way. Therefore, classic car games 3d offer you better graphics quality. You can easily and quickly change your graphic settings in the game according to your device in the settings section. You can reach high-resolution graphics with the classic car driving game. All images are of high quality on the game screen.
Classic car driving has quality graphics and the city so that you can have a good ride. Since the game is 3D, all the pictures will come to your eyes vividly. You can own an extremely classic car with the game. You can put ramps in the areas you want in the city and jump over them. Using the ramps we have prepared for you; you can have a great reward when you come to the last ramp.
The game is waiting for you with its features as an extreme classic car game. In this city, you can tour three classic cars and four different car camera angles. Classic car drive offers you a good simulator. You can drive your car as if you are driving a real car. You can turn off the ignition just like driving a real car. Besides, you can modify it as you wish. You can change the color of your wheels, car color, caliper, and many other features. You can prepare your car as if preparing for an actual race. With the Classic car drift option, you can suitably bring your vehicle to the simulator. You can instantly change the car mode from within the game to arcade, simulator, and drift.

Classic Car Simulator Car Driving System Requirements



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i3-6100U
CPUIntel i5
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
GPUGeForce GTX 970
Storage300 MB
Storage300 MB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Czech, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Swedish, Ukrainian, French, German, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese