Crash Drive 3

Drive monster trucks, tanks and more amazing vehicles across a huge open world in this cross-platform multiplayer, free-roaming game! Level up, play events, earn cash, unlock new cars and discover secrets....

Crash Drive 3

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Competitive Events

Destroy a gigantic beach ball, catch robbers as a cop or steal the king's crown, these are just a few examples of the 10 fun game events this game has to offer. Participate in these random competitive events, beat your opponents to earn the most cash and buy awesome new cars or customisations.
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Crazy Car Leveling

By using nitro boosts you increase the car’s nitro capacity, by driving at top speed you increase its top speed... catch the drift? ‘Maxing’ all stats for a car increases your player level allowing you to buy new cars or customisations. Collect over 50+ vehicles and customise your car with funky antennas, boosts and unique number plates with your in-game name on it. Reach the maximum player level to prestige and show who is the real Crash Drive 3 boss! Solid golden car anyone?
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Open World Exploration

To the moon and back! Drive around freely and explore the boundless and varied open world at your leisure. Fly a rocket to the moon, storm the king’s castle in the forest, go to the saloon in the wild west canyons or experience ice drifting fun in the arctic snow. Done with icy cold? How about a relaxing ferry trip to the tropics? Each area is unique and filled with secret areas, collectibles and special easter eggs... Think you’ll ever be done exploring this world?
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Have a blast in Tank Battles!

Blast or crash opponents from the sky arena to score points and dominate the battle arenas. Win in order to buy new tanks each with a unique play style. You will have a blast in the exciting tank battles mode!
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Play with friends on any platform!

No matter which platform your friends play on, you can always play together thanks to cross platform multiplayer support. Or if you want to do some stunting offline, switch seamlessly to a fully single player experience anytime you like!

Available Achievements

Brace for impact!
10 XP
Crashed and Driven
50 XP
10 XP
10 XP
The Collector
10 XP

Crash Drive 3 Ratings & Reviews

  • 50%
    Critics Recommend
  • 73
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  • Fair
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God is a Geek
by Lyle Carr
8 / 10
Crash Drive 3 is pure daft entertainment alone or with others, but unfortunately the framerate on Switch is less than ideal.
by Kim Snaith
6 / 10
As unpolished as it may be, though, there’s no denying that Crash Drive 3 is entertaining. It doesn’t try to be the best racing game or the best stunt-driving game, but it is a fun sandbox of exploration, competition and vehicular mayhem. If you’ve got a friend or two to join in with, it’s a perfectly adequate way to while away some hours.
Video Chums
by A.J. Maciejewski
7.3 / 10
If you're ever in doubt that video games are a true form of art, play Crash Drive 3. Its thought-provoking missions that are set in a variety of whimsical environments really spoke to me in a deep, personal, and meaningful way. Oh, and the cars go vroom-vroom!
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Crash Drive 3 System Requirements



OSWindows 7 SP1+, 8 or 10 (64-bit versions only)
OSWindows 10 64-bit
CPU2.5 GHz Dual core
CPU3.0+ GHz Quad core
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
Storage6 GB available space
Storage6 GB available space
DirectXVersion 10
DirectXVersion 10
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Spain, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese - Simplified, Polish
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