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Seed, Breed, Create. From single-cell organisms to complex ecosystems. Evolve every part of your own unique aquarium/terrarium by applying scientifically accurate principles of natural and artificial selection, in Creatura - the ultimate Virtual Evolution Vivarium Simulator.

Seed, Breed, Create. From single cell organisms to complex ecosystems. Evolve every part of your own unique aquarium/terrarium

In Creatura, you design and take care of enclosed ecosystems full of animals and plants that are grown from scratch, using scientifically accurate natural/artificial selection and genetic engineering.
Make an epic journey over epochs of evolution, from single-cell organisms sharing water with algae to complex animals living in lush gardens. Manage and recreate fully customizable vivariums, while carefully balancing biomes characteristics to sustain perfect ecosystems. Fulfill a unique almanac with species yet to be discovered, and edit your own fauna & flora with an authentic DNA editor, learning how modern tools and techniques like CRISPR and GMO work in detail.
Creatura has an open-ended "sandbox-like" gameplay mode, with a beautiful bonsai experience of any vivarium you can think of, and challenging educational scenarios, including extensive tutorials. Sell plant cuttings to buy decorations and consumables, research fauna & flora to unlock advanced DNA editing methods, and with enough patience and luck, grow rare and unique specimens for trading. Or just watch the grass growing, with up-to-date biology research based on Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel's legacy, it's all science after all.


  • Use artificial selection to grow any possible plant out of billions of combinations, or utilize natural selection to breed unique animals, dependent on adapting to their environments.
  • Learn how to edit DNA, understand concepts like genomes, codons & gene sequencing, and apply your own genetic engineering using the GCAT system and authentic DNA editor.
  • Control the time to watch hundreds of plants and animals evolve in just seconds by utilizing up to 1000x time-lapse, in a highly optimized and smooth gaming experience.
  • Manage a fully simulated virtual aquarium/terrarium. Grow plants to generate oxygen, use consumables and decorations to control pH, and maintain humidity with temperature and water.
  • Customize the tank stand, rims, and lid, colors, shape the ground, and water level, and decorate it with a wide range of unlockable rare parts and decorations.
  • Grow and breed specimens until mutating the rare and unique variations to make your vivarium even more special, or to sell/trade them for great profit.
  • Discover millions of possible plants and animals, name them, and be the first to put them in the global almanac, as a part of your evolutionary research.
  • Create the most visually stunning virtual bonsai aquariums/terrariums, in a relaxing and educational gaming environment without any fail conditions.
  • Use or make your own texture packs (with Steam Workshop support) for an even more unique experience.

Creatura System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel Core, AMD Phenom
CPUIntel iX, AMD Ryzen
GPUDirectX 10 / OpenGL 4.3 compatible
GPUDirectX 11 / Vulkan compatible
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 11
SoundCardDirectX Compatible
SoundCardDirectX Compatible
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish
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