BUG: I launched the app and there is a black box covering my screen.

This issue occurs on extremely small amount of machines due to an incompatibility between your graphics card and the external browser window we use to overlay the crosshair with.
To fix this issue:
1. Close Crosshair X.
2. Open the Epic Games Library where you would launch Crosshair X from.
3. Click on the three dots to open settings next to the Crosshair X launch button.
4. Press 'Manage'
5. Enable launch options and enter this: --safe-mode
6. Close the menu.
7. Re-run Crosshair X.

BUG: I'm having an issue with the app.

If the app runs normally:
1. Go into the 'Help' page of the app and see if our in-app FAQ has the answer to your question.
2. Join our Discord if you can't find the answer to your question
If the app won't run:
Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/customcrosshair
and create a ticket. A support agent will be able to help you.