Does Decimated have NFT's?

The Decimated game does not have NFT's, but we do have NFT's available for user profile pictures, which do not affect the game in any way other than cosmetic.

Does Decimated have cryptocurrency?

Yes, the in-game currency for Decimated is called DIO which is on the Solana network. DIO can be purchased in order to buy skins and consumables in-game and on our website. DIO can also be earned in-game by leveling up the leaderboard.

Do I need to buy DIO or NFT's to play Decimated?

There is no requirement to buy DIO or NFT's to play Decimated. Decimated is free to play, and in-game purchases are optional if you wish to gear up faster or personalize your character, vehicle, weapons, etc

What is the core gameplay of Decimated?

Decimated is a multiplayer open world survival game with missions that players can do solo or in groups. There are three main factions; human citizens, cyborg cops and wasteland marauders, each with various types of missions such as protecting checkpoints, escorting, sabotaging or destroying vehicle convoys carrying items or VIP's, or delivering cargo to specific areas within a specific time.
Team killing is not permitted. Players can work with others in their faction to complete objectives more effectively.