What is Derelicts, in a nutshell?

Derelicts is a survival co-op base building game that started as a passion project, back in 2019. It is developed on Unreal Engine 5.
As a big lover of survival games (The Forest, Green Hell, Subnautica, Grounded), I started to get the idea to make my own survival game that would gather all the concept I had in mind and that I haven't really seen in past games. The idea of the game is to offer innovative ideas, in term of organic crafting, base building (automation), weather events and cool AI for ennemies to be interesting to fight.
The game is heavily oriented on horror/gore as well (so be warned!) but I'm planning to add both "creative" (no ennemy) and "peaceful" (no gore/horror) modes with time (not at first).

• Who is developing Derelicts?

Hi! I'm Romain. I'm 33 and French. I'm the creator and sole developer of Derelicts (at least so far!).

• When is the game releasing?

There is no official release date for Derelicts at the moment. The game will release when it's ready. I'm the sole developer working on it so it's really hard to forecast a specific date for release. The only thing I know is that I don't want to rush the release with a broken unoptimized game.
The good thing about being solo and auto-published is that I can choose the moment when I feel the game deserved your attention and time, when everything is ironed out and polished. However, you can still wishlist on Epic Games Store!

• Will there be a demo so I can try the game before buying?

At the moment, I'm still thinking about making a time-limited demo with the beginning of the game, so players can decide if they like the game or not. I will give more information about a potential demo as time goes on!

• Will the game release in Early Access and why?

Yes, I'm planning to release Derelicts in Early Access. The answer to why is because being solo working on it means that it would take probably 6 years to have the full vision of the game I want being done. A lot of people asked me if I could release the game with good initial content and then add upon it with free updates.
My goal is to have the very first Early Access version with enough sandbox content as well as parts 1 or 2 "dungeons" for the story part. Then, I will add the additional story parts (meaning the dungeon to advance the story) with updates.
This way, people can still play the game and come back to it when an update is made, so they can progress again.
If you're not liking this idea, please wait for the game to release in its full version so you're not disappointed by it!

• Can you play the game solo?

Yes. Derelicts can be played from 1 to 4 players.

• How many players will the final version (after Early)?

My goal is to have around 8 players being able to play on a same game. So far, I'm working with 4 players max.

• Will PvP be in the game?

There is no Player vs Player mode planned for Derelicts. Only solo and co-operation.

• Is the game 1st person or 3rd person?

The game will be 1st person only. There is no 3rd person planned.

• Will there be a VR mode?

Probably yes but after the PC version is done first.

• Is there a partner program planned for streamers?

Yes, there will be a program streamers will be able to apply to in order to get keys of the game. This program will automatically check your average number of viewers and will be made to avoid people spamming requests for keys.

• Is the world of Derelicts procedural?

No, the map is handcrafted.