Desktop Girlfriend NEO

A girlfriend-themed desktop pet game that allows deep customization of character appearance, with built-in reminder function, mini-games, MOD and interactive features!

A girlfriend-themed desktop pet game that allows deep customization of character appearance, with ,mini-games, MOD and interactive features!

Desktop Girlfriend NEO is an interactive desktop simulation girlfriend game where players can interact with a virtual girlfriend in multiple ways, such as playing built-in mini-games, deeply customizing the appearance of the girlfriend, including facial features, hairstyle, hair color, eye details, body parameters, and more. It also features multiple chat storylines to solve. Desktop Girlfriend NEO is a loyal girlfriend who will always love and accompany you, so you never feel lonely!
The game uses Unity HDRP, a brand new high-definition graphics rendering engine, to create more beautiful and realistic graphics, making your girlfriend come to life!
●Custom MOD
● Built-in reminders
● Customizable reminders
● Virtual clock
● 4 built-in mini-games:
-Star collection
-Candy matching game
● 10 chat storylines with different endings
● Numerous shoes
● Numerous hats
● Numerous glasses
● Numerous jewelry
● Numerous animations
● Customizable girlfriend name
● Brand new high-definition graphics rendering engine
● 8 character presets
● 42 facial blend shapes
● 16 facial expressions
● Customizable forehead
● Customizable cheeks
● Customizable chin
● Customizable eyelashes
● Customizable eyebrows
● Customizable eye details
● 7 nose mixers
● Customizable nose details
● 12 mouth mixers
● Customizable mouth details
● Chest blend shapes
● Customizable head details
● Customizable body weight
● Customizable muscle strength
● Customizable mouth makeup
● Customizable blush
● Customizable eyeball style
● Customizable eyeshadow
● Customizable eyeliner
● Customizable eyebrow makeup
● Customizable hairstyle
● Customizable skin
● SSS skin
● Customizable nail makeup
● Customizable toenail makeup
● Customizable facial tattoos
● Customizable arm tattoos
● Customizable body tattoos
● Customizable leg tattoos
● Realistic eye system
● Character body and cloth physics system
● Theoretically infinite number of characters, each with unique characteristics.
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-1j594
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-7bq2j
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-6nw0f
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-1rmri
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-1kj48
    • Desktop Girlfriend NEO-jt7ng

Available Achievements

50 XP
Conversation Killer
5 XP
Cat-like constitution
5 XP
5 XP
5 XP

Desktop Girlfriend NEO System Requirements



OS versionWin10
OS versionWin10/Win11
CPU1.2 GHz
GPUDX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, Thai, Russian
Desktop Girlfriend NEO was developed by Digital Dream and is copyrighted by Digital Dream.