DNF Duel

Great for Beginners
Diverse Characters
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Action fighting at its extreme! Enter the new beat’em up world of Arad as your favorite character from the beloved Dungeon and Fighter franchise!


Action fighting at its extreme! One of the most popular and widely played RPGs in the world, Dungeon and Fighter is now back as a 2.5D action fighting game. Choose from 16 charming characters, each with their distinct skills and personalities. Outsmart, outplay, or downright beat up your opponents and become the master of the Ultimate Will!
【Modes & Features】
■ Online Mode: Ranked Match, Player Match, Ranking
■ Local Mode: Free Battle, Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Survival Mode
■ Practice Mode: Training Mode, Tutorial
■ Collection: Player Profile, Replay Library, Gallery, Glossary
【Supported Languages】
■ System: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), German, Spanish
■ Voiceover: Korean, Japanese, Chinese
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Meet your Favorite DNF Characters Up-Close and Personal

DNF Duel flawlessly reinterprets the iconic classes from the classic Dungeon and Fighter RPG. Whether it’s the lightning-fast and flashy gunshots of the sly Ranger or the uninhibited raw power of the frenzied Berserker, each character’s iconic traits have been heightened and reworked.
A total of 16 unique characters are available: Berserker, Striker, Grappler, Inquisitor, Dragon Knight, Ranger, Hitman, Kunoichi, Enchantress, Vanguard, Swift Master, Ghostblade, Troubleshooter, Crusader, Launcher, and an unlockable Hidden Character.
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A Breathtaking World Born from the Dungeon and Fighter Universe

17 years of lore is integrated within the storytelling and character development of DNF Duel, supported by the stunning graphic details that merge seamlessly with the stage designs of Arad.
Enjoy your duels in 8 diverse stages: Sky Tower, Oceanic Express, Moonlight Tavern, Hendon Myre, Ghent City of God, Saint Horn, Zelva, Ruins.
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Unique Combat Mechanisms for Strategic Fighting

DNF Duel takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level with its unique combat system and tactics. Each character has their signature moves and strengths, which are further accentuated by their Awakening effects. Don’t forget to keep track of your MP Gauge and White Damage Gauge, lest your opponent catches you by surprise!
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Enjoy Extensive Additional Content

Story Mode allows you to play through each character’s origin story, offering a fully immersive experience into the world of Dungeon and Fighter. Customize your player profile, and unlock exclusive wallpapers and sounds in the Gallery!

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Available Achievements

Gold Merchant
10 XP
Relentless Will
10 XP
The Beginning of a Legend
10 XP
Thorough Preparation
50 XP
Home Sweet Home
5 XP

DNF Duel DLC & Add-Ons

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DNF Duel Ratings & Reviews

  • 82%
    Critics Recommend
  • 79
    Top Critic Average
  • Strong
    OpenCritic Rating
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by Ronny Barrier
8 / 10
DNF Duel has lots to love for fighting game beginners and experts alike if you can get through a tough difficulty curve, the lack of crossplay, and don't mind a thin story mode.
Metro GameCentral
by GameCentral
8 / 10
Another visually spectacular Arc System Works fighter that is both surprisingly accessible and full of hidden depth and clever ideas.
PC Gamer
by Luke Kemp
85 / 100
Deep and unique enough for genre veterans, yet also simple and welcoming enough for newcomers.
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DNF Duel System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10 (64-bit OS required)
OS versionWindows 10 (64-bit OS required)
CPUAMD FX-4350, 4.2 GHz / Intel Core i5-3450, 3.10 GHz
CPUIntel Core i7-3770, 3.40 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPURadeon HD 6870, 1 GB / GeForce GTX 650 Ti, 1 GB
GPUGeForce GTX 660
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage20 GB available space
Storage20 GB available space
SoundCardDirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset
SoundCardDirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset
Additional input deviceGamepad, Joystick
Languages Supported
  • Audio: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
  • Text: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Spanish (Spain)
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