What is Dread Templar?

Dread Templar is a fast-paced hardcore old-school FPS, combining classic 90s shooter and modern FPS elements. Unlock and combine dozens of weapon upgrades and skills, embrace the Dread Force and obliterate hordes of fiendish enemies.

Who is making Dread Templar?

T19 Games, an independent boutique game development studio. We focus on retro games with a contemporary twist, specializing in first-person shooter games. Dread Templar is our first release. We are passionate and devoted to developing great games for retro games fans.

What's the story of Dread Templar?

Filled with a thirst for vengeance, Dread Templar - a demon hunter - faces his enemies across realities to hunt down his ultimate nemesis. Holding onto his Dread Force he shall prove even the depths of hell are not beyond the reach of his justice.

Does Dread Templar have Multiplayer / Coop?

There are currently no plans for any sort of multiplayer mode.

Does Dread Templar have RPG-like elements?

Yes - In Dread Templar you collect upgrades for your weapons and abilities, some found through regular gameplay, but many by exploring the many secret areas and completing puzzles. You also have to choose which upgrades to apply, as you will only have a limited number of slots for them.